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Mediocre Golf Association Prompts A4A Membership Erroneously

An advisor emailed me today to say he finally joined A4A because he was required to have a PayPal account to join the Mediocre Golf Association (MGA).   Mediocre Golf Association is an excellent social networking vehicle for most advisors. I'm no golfer myself, but I after listening to advisors talk about golf for many years, I am confident most advisors would qualify for membership in MGA However, a PayPal account is no longer required to sign up for A4A. A4A started accepting credit cards a few months ago. Mediocre Golf Association, by the way, really does seem like an excell

Riding With Heroes

  About 130 injured veterans are cycling 110-miles this weekend from Arlington to Gettysburg,and I'm riding with them. Despite injuries ranging from amputation to paralysis to post-traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury, they're cycling -- some pedaling with their hands.                             Raising Awareness Th

New Features For A4A Members (45-Second Video)

Advisors4Advisors has a new look. It’s easy to navigate and fun.   Now you can pay us using a MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express as well as PayPal.   And, you know how every time you register to attend one of A4A’s Continuing Professional Education Webinars or replays, you have to fill in your contact information in the form? Well, you don't have to do that anymore, thanks to a suggestion from an A4A member. We automatically fill in all that data for you. Please post a comment to let us know if you like the new look and features. We need your suggestions.

With Inaugural Webinar, Shehriyar Antia Kicks Off A Quarterly A4A Series, Demonstrating The Power Of Ideas In The Internet Age

Janet Yellen’s testimony before Congress last week provided support for a range of views about Fed policy.  The Wall Street Journal’s coverage reflected a view that a Fed rate hike in June was still on the table. In contrast, The New York Times reflected a perspective indicating the first increase in interest rates was still some time off.    To those who believe the FOMC will begin to raise rates in June, Chair Yellen would have seemed upbeat about labor markets and job growth. To those who believe a rate hike is not imminent, Yellen validated their perspective by

GoToMeeting Deleted Today’s Webinar, Then Thanked Me For Finding A Bug

Today’s webinar was ill-fated from the start, and then Citrix Systems’ GoToMeeting app dealt it a fatal blow. GoToMeeting is the app we at Advisors4Advisors uses to manage our weekly continuing education webinars for financial professionals. This morning, I received word that a medical emergency had befallen today’s guest speaker, Shehriyar Antia. The intrepid economist and one-time senior analyst at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is but a mere mortal and he is laid up at a Manhattan hospital suffering from a kidney stone. This, too, shall, pass. Compounding Shehriyar&rsq