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GoToMeeting Deleted Today’s Webinar, Then Thanked Me For Finding A Bug

Today’s webinar was ill-fated from the start, and then Citrix Systems’ GoToMeeting app dealt it a fatal blow. GoToMeeting is the app we at Advisors4Advisors uses to manage our weekly continuing education webinars for financial professionals. This morning, I received word that a medical emergency had befallen today’s guest speaker, Shehriyar Antia. The intrepid economist and one-time senior analyst at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is but a mere mortal and he is laid up at a Manhattan hospital suffering from a kidney stone. This, too, shall, pass. Compounding Shehriyar&rsq

Fritz Meyer Says IMPACT 2014 Investment Sessions Offered No Great New Insights, But Practice Management Sessions Were Valuable; An Update On A4A's Direction

Fritz Meyer, an Independent investment strategist, after attending Schwab IMPACT 2014, says presentations on investment issues offered no new revelations. Essentially, Fritz says, Schwab IMPACT 2014 sessions about investments indicated “there is nothing new under the sun.” In contrast, Fritz says sessions about practice management were probably far more valuable.   Editor's Note: A4A members who want continuing professional education credit for viewing replays of Fritz Meyer's review of IMPACT 2014, do NOT view the YouTube video embedded below. Please log into A4A to see th

LinkedIn Ninja, Crystal Thies, Receives A 4.9-Star Rating -- Highest In Memory -- For A Webinar Packed With Social Networking Best Practices For Advisors

And, if you want to get more ideas from Crystal, A4A members get Crystal's seven-hour video plus new tips for utilizing LinkedIn every quarter.   Finally, if you want to put Crystal's Ninja tactics to work for your firm, she and her team of Ninjas, writers trained in Crystal's techniques and certified as genuine Ninjas by Crystal, will write your social profiles, bios and services descriptions, as well as make the decisions on all of the nitty-gritty details, like which widgets to use on your website to display streams with your status updates, photos, investment graphics, email campai

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Bob Keebler Says He Needs A Third 100-Minute Session To Explain 75 Ways To Generate Tax-Alpha

Bob Keebler called in today to say he needs a third 100-minute, two-CE credit session to explain how to generate tax-alpha. 

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ChFCs And CLUs Now Can Receive Unlimited Continuing Professional Education Credit On Advisors4Advisors Webinars Plus A Life Lesson About Doing Good

ChFCs and CLUs now can receive unlimited continuing professional education credit for attending live weekly webinars held Fridays at 4 p.m. ET or 24/7 replays of the sessions.   CFPs, CIMAs, CPWAs, CIMCs, EAs, and CPAs also receive continuing professional education credit for attending most Advisors4Advisors webinars. Adding insurance professionals with the CLU and ChFC designation extends A4A's embrace across all segments of the financial advice profession. Having reported on personal finance for 30 years, I've come to believe that all segments of the financial advice business will make

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