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The Most Important Financial Advisor Story Of 2012

The most important story of the year on Advisors4Advisors in 2012 was—drum roll, please…. “I've Seen The Future Of Professional Wealth Management Software And Its Name Is inStream Solutions.”

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A4A Will Keep You Updated On Actions Of Pertinent Congressional Committees During Last Session Of The Year

In a post on September 21, we pointed you to an AdvisorOne article that outlined 11 Congressional committees whose actions would likely be affected by the election.   Today, we'll begin to give you updates on actions in those committees and will keep you updated as news comes in during this last Congressional session of the year.

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Rejected From Registering For A4A Webinar About Taxes With Bob Keebler?

If you were rejected from registering for an A4A webinar, it's because you’re not a member or your membership expired. A4A now allows only paid members to attend its webinars. See below what you get for $60 annually.   Please join now to avoid missing any webinars, maintaining access to replays, and to continuie receiving free Continuing Education credit on webinars, plus all the other A4A benefits. If you already have a subscription, you can renew it by: 1.     Logging in 2.     Clicking on “View Public Profile” 3.&nb

Rejected From Attending Webinar On Fighting Fee Compression?

If you received a rejection when registering for today’s webinar about fee compression or if you have an expired membership, please renew your membership to attend live webinars by:   1.      Logging into A4A 2.      Clicking “View Public Profile” 3.      Selecting the “Membership” tab 4.      Upgrading your “Annual Membership” 5.      Making the $60 payment via PayPal

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Advisors4Advisors To Require That You Are A Member To Attend Its Live Webinars

Advisors4Advisors will require you to be a member to attend live webinars starting Friday, September 28. Please join A4A now to avoid missing out.   I started the Financial Advisor Webinar Series four years ago and it’s a labor of love, a privilege. But producing the sessions week after week is a lot of work and I need to defray the cost of doing it.   Here’s what you get by joining A4A:   Why Join Advisors4Advisors from Advisors4Advisors