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Paradise Fire Hits Home Of A Member Of Our Team

  // Thought leadership for fiduciaries since 1996         The Nov. 8 Paradise fire destroyed the home of Colleen Carson, who transcribes and proofreads webinars and copy projects for us. Colleen and her mother, Cathy, hope to rebuild. These are good and strong women, with a loving family, including Colleen's two sisters, but they deserve some help. Two years ago, Collen's father, Christopher Charles "Kit" Carson, died after a struggle with cancer. He was a Lance Corporal in t

Low Expense Investing For Professionals; CE On The Sea

Taking A4A’s online education for professionals to the high seas, Craig Israelsen, Ph.D., will be teaching a series of classes about low-expense investing on a Caribbean cruise leaving Miami Feb. 3, 2019 and returning Feb 10.  Request itinerary and CE details.   Classes are scheduled for the two days at sea aboard the luxurious Norwegian Getaway. A Western Caribbean vacation makes deep learning, collaboration and sharing easier.  Craig is passionate about sharing his considerable knowledge about portfolio design and this is a chance to exchange practice management ideas one-on


The CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct imposes new ethics education requirement effective October 1, 2018. Though the new ethics requirement doesn’t go into effect until October 2019, the CFP Board requires you to learn about it now -- a year ahead of imposing it on practitioners. Why? In 2016, Advisors4Advisors identified the CFP® ethics class a priority, and we invested people and technology to turn into a scalable business. Why? A4A believes improving ethics is a good long-term business investment and the rest will fall into place. A4A's 2017

Consumers Connect With CFPs, CIMAs, CPAs Based On Continuing Ed

A4A began at the nadir of the financial crisis in October 2008 as a way for independent advisors to share ideas amid a dark time, and it has grown into a network of real financial professionals, coalescing around treasured core fiduciary values: quantitative analysis, economic fundamentals, tax and financial planning, and low expense investing. Now we're about to open windows into the A4A community for consumers, setting a new standard for continuing education providers of professionals and doing good.     I’m the founder of A4A and thank you for your support. It's a privilege. Thanks also

Tapping Fritz Meyer's Brain To Give Clients Financial Wisdom

  If you like Fritz Meyer, you might like transcripts of his presentations. You can use them to produce your own webinars, seminars, blog posts and social content.   You might also like Financial Advisor Marketing Engine 3.0. FAME 3.0 gives you Fritz's analysis in videos, articles, scripts, tweets, and email newsletters every week.  FAME 3.0 puts Fritz's plain-spoken wisdom into a news stream you control in a dashboard of online tools customized to fit IA rep and registered rep workflows.    A new FINRA-submitted script, article, video, and tweets