Mediocre Golf Association Prompts A4A Membership Erroneously Hot

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An advisor emailed me today to say he finally joined A4A because he was required to have a PayPal account to join the Mediocre Golf Association (MGA).

Mediocre Golf Association is an excellent social networking vehicle for most advisors.

I'm no golfer myself, but I after listening to advisors talk about golf for many years, I am confident most advisors would qualify for membership in MGA

However, a PayPal account is no longer required to sign up for A4A. A4A started accepting credit cards a few months ago.

Mediocre Golf Association, by the way, really does seem like an excellent way for advisors to use social networking. If you network with other sucky golfers, you might eventually manage their money.

That’s actually a serious marketing tip for advisors: Outsource creation of most financial content. Unless you're a writer and video editor with social netiworking skills and SEO knowledge -- as well as a financial sage -- you are unlikely to be able to create compelling financial content regularly and step it up in times of distress.

Outsource that job and do what you truly are best at: play mediocre golf.

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