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Craig Israelsen's Retirement Analysis Course Debuts

If you spent over three decades teaching university students and professionals how to solve the problem of retirees outliving their money, then you’d probably would want to see your solution implemented broadly by smart advisors.   So it is with Craig Israelsen, who, after teaching on Advisors4Advisors for nearly 14 years, has packaged retirement analysis software into a sustainable practice management system to help illustrate and solve client retirement funding problems.      This three-credit course equips professionals with the knowldge, ski

Paul Hood Joins A4A’s Faculty: A4A Members Get A New Financial-/Tax-Planning Class Monthly For Free

L. Paul Hood, Jr., one of the nation’s leading educators of legal, accounting, and financial professionals, is joining Advisors4Advisors' distinguished lineup of instructors.    Prolific and passionate about spreading his explanations and analysis of planning strategies for income and estate tax minimization, financial planning psychology, and strategies targeted to doctors, developers, business owners and modern families, Paul Hood grew up in a neighborhood near England Air Force Base in Alexandria, Louisiana. As a boy, he experienced the brutality of wa

Do You Follow Influencers Or Subject Matter Experts?

Somewhere along the route, the information highway took a wrong turn.   To the detriment of society and progress, the information revolution that’s unfolded in my lifetime, sadly, has empowered Facebook likes, Google ads, and influencers instead of experts and thought leaders.   Bob Keebler, a genius at tax and financial planning strategies, is the most important educator of CPAs in a generation. Not since Sid Kess, in the 1980s, has a personal tax expert been so dominant an educator of CPA financial advisors. Yet Bob Keebler knows nothing about how to make hi

CFP® CE Credit Dashboard

A4A organizes advisor CE activities in two reports: credits earned in the past 12 months and classes you can replay on-demand anytime to earn more credits.  The new reports save you time and money on CE and will help improve your CE habits. They help ensure you take full advantage of A4A's knowledge stream curated for fiduciaries -- member-sponsored CE from Bob Keebler, Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, Frank Murtha and other thought leaders. As shown in this two-minute video, Advisors4Advisors CE reporting system is a major advancement in the continuing education of CFP, CPA, C

Binging CE: An Exciting New Trend In Professional Education

A4A members are attending all 12 classes in the Certified Financial Counselor™ (CFC™ ) course in rapid succession. Binging CE is a thing!    It is an exciting development in professional education! It makes sense.   Ted Lasso, Queen’s Gambit, and other binge-worthy content hook you. Compelling CE content is no different, especially since practitioners earn a professional certification for watching a limited series of 12 webinars to earn a CFC™ license.    The emerging trend is great for CFP®, CPA, CFA®, CIMA®, and other financial professionals. It allows consumers to di