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Eight-Credit Bob Keebler Tax Planning IRA, Qualified Plan CE Course

Total US retirement assets were $33.7 trillion as of June 30, 2022, accounting for 31% of all household financial assets in the United States.   BUY NOW Which is why A4A  and Robert Keebler have produced an eight-credit on-demand CE course devoted entirely to tax planning for federally quaified retirement plan (QRP) accounts at a highly affordable price. .  Since 2011, Bob Keebler has taught monthly on A4A, and we are proud to provide this annual eight-hour course on IRAs and QRPs. Organizing the topic into eight modules makes

Financial Historian Mark J. Higgins Receives Rave Reviews

Every advisor who attended the debut class by Mark J. Higgins and left a review was positive or thrilled! Comments and average ratings from attendees are discussed below. About Mark J Higgins, CFA, CFP®:  Mark was a senior strategy consultant for 12 years to $60 billion of institutionally managed assets. He found financial history was more important than tracking the latest monthly data In formulating his investment outlook. He’s writing a book, Becoming An Enlightened Investor (Greenleaf Book Group), which is expected to be available in Fall 2023, and now a full-time inde

Financial History Courses By Mark J. Higgins On Advisors4Advisors

Studying inflation crises that occurred in the distant past enables advisors to see why America is experiencing persistent inflation today. More importantly, understanding how the Fed responded to past crises makes it easier to envision how they is likely to respond to the current one. It also reveals that limited knowledge of financial history is often an investor’s greatest weakness. It causes us to misinterpret current events because we only see them through the lens of limited personal experience during your lifetime. Yet many financial crises have precedents that occurred long bef

Frank Murtha's Financial Counseling Course Addresses Bear Market Psychology

On June 13, 2022, when the S&P 500 index dropped more than 20% from its January 3 all-time closing high, a bear market began. This 1-credit class “Bear Markets And Financial Psychology,” provides practical ideas for counseling clients on the sudden loss of wealth experienced in recent weeks.     This class reviews the psychological effects of a bear market on investors. The objective is to better equip attendees with counseling strategies and skills in advising clients during this period of risk, fear, and opportunity.      &

2022 Estate Planning, 4-Credit CE/CPE Course

To earn a living giving estate tax advice requires much more than memorizing federal tax rules and regulations. It takes an understanding of how the rules work in different situations in a changing financial environment.    This four-class annual course is designed exclusively for Advisors4Advisors by L. Paul Hood, Jr., J.D., LL.M. to train CFP®, CPA and other financial professionals perpetually in strategic estate tax planning. Samples of this elective course and client advice topics are free.