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Somewhere along the route, the information highway took a wrong turn.


To the detriment of society and progress, the information revolution that’s unfolded in my lifetime, sadly, has empowered Facebook likes, Google ads, and influencers instead of experts and thought leaders.


Bob Keebler, a genius at tax and financial planning strategies, is the most important educator of CPAs in a generation. Not since Sid Kess, in the 1980s, has a personal tax expert been so dominant an educator of CPA financial advisors. Yet Bob Keebler knows nothing about how to make himself popular on Facebook or utilize Google ads to become an influencer on the Web.


If you follow social influencers, you also won’t uncover Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen, Glenn Daily, and other instructors on A4A. They’re not influencers. Nor do they have the slightest inclination or interest in investing the time to become social network influencers.


Point is, A4A does not select instructors with any thought to whether they are popular on social networks. If an instructor is an A4A influencer, it is incidental to their job as subject matter experts.  


If you follow popular social influencers, A4A adds a curated group of subject matter experts with decades of experience and who care not a bit about their social influence, because they’re totally focused on serving the best interests of practitioners?


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