Frank Murtha's Financial Counseling Course Addresses Bear Market Psychology Hot

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On June 13, 2022, when the S&P 500 index dropped more than 20% from its January 3 all-time closing high, a bear market began. This 1-credit class “Bear Markets And Financial Psychology,” provides practical ideas for counseling clients on the sudden loss of wealth experienced in recent weeks.  


This class reviews the psychological effects of a bear market on investors. The objective is to better equip attendees with counseling strategies and skills in advising clients during this period of risk, fear, and opportunity.   


 Dr. Frank Murtha, a pioneer in financial planning psychology for over two decades, teaches this elective course, which provides four updates annually about applying financial counseling techniques under current conditions to improve client results over the long run. Topics of this class:


    ●  Brief review of fundamental principles (5 mins)

    ●  Current conditions and critical factors for clients (5 mins)

    ●  An analysis of investor emotions during a bear market (5 mins)

    ●  A model for working with investors on the subject of loss (10 mins)

    ●  Investor identity factors to consider in working with clients. (5 mins)

    ●  Financial Counseling strategies for reframing emotional clients (10 mins)

    ●  A case study based on current factors (10 mins)


This class is the second of four updates annually sponsored by Advisors4Advisors about financial counseling. For Certified Financial Counselors™ (CFC™), this class counts toward meeting the two-credit annual professional education requirement to maintain your CFC™designation. Sign up for the Sign up for the four-class $199 elective to register for this class.  Or learn more about the CFC designation here.       


Frank Murtha, who holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, is the instructor of the course. For over two decades, he has pioneered the application by financial advisors of the principles of behavioral finance and financial planning psychology. He started The Financial Counseling Institute in 2021 to focus on teaching financial professionals counseling skills.


A4A curates content for advisors, keeping a professional's education from the influence of sales pitches disguised as free CE. Classes are not sponsored by financial product companies. They're sponsored by A4A.  Knowledge topics for classes sponsored by A4A are determined by their importance in running a practice that always puts clients first. Always.  Classes are all taught by instructors who are tops in their field of knowledge, inlcuding: tax (Bob Keebler)to financial economics (Fritz Meyer), insurance (Glenn Daily), estate planning (L. Paul Hood, Jr.), portfoloi design (Craig Israelsen), and psychology (Frank Murtha).    




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