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Peer Rankings Of Advisors Based On Objective Measures Of Behavior & Professional Values

Advisors with a strong attendance record relative to their peers based on their ongoing A4A thought-leadership and professional education are now listed on lowexpenseinvesting.com. This listing is good for consumers as well as the elite group of investment, tax, and financial planning professionals meeting the rigorous requirement of continuing education. LowExpenseInvesting.com is an online directory where consumers can search for a local financial advisor. To qualify for a listing, advisors were required to attend at least nine hours of professional education classes on A4

2023 CFP® Ethics Class

      Satisfy CFP Board And IWI Ethics Requirements      ETHICS CLASS   $60        

Fritz Followers Were Prescient: “Catching Up” On The Fed’s Mistake

Remember way back to December 24, 2018? Seems like a long time ago? It was a terrible day for stocks. The S&P 500 plunged 2.7% on a holiday-shortened Christmas Eve trading day that followed the worst week for Wall Street in seven years. By the time of a hastily scheduled CE webinar led by Fritz Meyer on Wednesday, December 26, stocks had come back soaring, and A4A members were asked if the Fed had made a mistake -- whether it was a big mistake -- or if it was not a mistake at all.  A majority of 57% A4A members at that Fritz Meyer webinar that day said the Fed indeed had made a mi

Will The Bear Market Get Worse?

Bear markets in the post-War U.S. usually occurred before economic downturns in the past, but are not unprecedented. Fritz Meyer says the last bear market during an expansion was the October 19, 1987 crash.  Recent economic data on the LEI, non-manufacturing PMI, and real DPI indicate the economy is doing just fine. The 19.8% price plunge from the high of the S&P 500 technically qualifies as a bear market, but it’s unfolding in the face of nearly 10 years of economic growth, like a big ship that does not slow much in a storm. Fed Chairman Jerome Powell just weeks ago sounded confi

57% Of Financial Professionals Say Fed Made A Mistake; 80% Still Confident In Fed

By an overwhelming majority, 80% of financial professionals expressed confidence in the Fed, according to an A4A poll conducted after a surprising 5% recovery on Wednesday, and a 19.8% bear market plunge from the all-time closing high of September 20. The volatility fueled tax selling by large institutions, extending the selloff. This poll was taken at A4A’s best-attended CE webinar ever, on Wednesday, December 26. Planned by Fritz and me on Monday, December 24, in the depths of the Christmas Eve plunge, the surprising 5% surge on Wednesday took the edge off. Unfazed, Fritz Meyer delivere