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Publishing the transcripts of Fritz’s Meyer's webinars unlocks new value from his monthly 75-minute presentations. You can repurpose the transcripts and slides to educate clients and prospects. 

Economist Fritz Meyer is independent, like the 1,500 independent advisors who rely on A4A for continuing professional education. Independent research is what a fiduciary needs. 

In addition, A4A members since 2009 have rated Fritz Meyer’s monthly webinars with 4.7 stars on A4A's five-star rating system. Advisors, more than once, have called Fritz “a national treasure.”

Transcripts of Fritz Meyer’s monthly webinars on A4A are downloadable, along with the slides of every class, in a marketing dashboard shown in this 30 second tutorial.

The transcripts make sharing uncommonly intelligent investment ideas easy. And it is all customizable by you. That's where our progress accelerated in recent months.

We make it easy for advisors to use our fact set as is in realtime client communications weekly and in during crises. You can send out our content automatically and not ever change a thing in our FINRA-submitted articles, videos and tweets.

But in the financial advice business, it's common for an advisor want to edit every word that come out of her firm. And other advisors won't change much but want the control just in case Advisor Products says something they would not say.  Advisors all have their own special sauce and controlling the way they exp,ain their work is not trivial. It is your brand. 

That's the touch-point where we've been in total flexibilitys. We give you control over our oustanding content as part of the workflow in email newsletters. We meet the needs of the most demanding control freak. 

By giving you the choice of narrataing weekly videos using our proprietary online application, or using our voiceover, we make it easy for you to NOT use our exact words. You can narrate the video and go off script. You always know how much time is remaining and can go back on script.

In addition, you can change any email newsletter. If you choose our new "semi-automatic" setting for your e-newsletter, you will receive a prereview of the email before it goes to your contact list.

You can review the content and click on a link to log in and make any changes or click on a link to send it. This one-minute video explains it.



Giving you an authoritative set of data and analysis from Fritz Meyer, Craig Israelsen and Bob Keebler, and additoinal news coverage that you can edit in a realtime workflow is a new thing. BDs are going to have a heck of a time keeping up with with the power independent fiduciaries now have to use online engagement tools. 

y the way, any unqiue content you create on your website will be archived. Yes, articles we give can be edited by you and are instantly archived for you in WORM compliant file.      

Below is a sample of a slide and the transcript from that single slide. The 180-word transcript of Fritz’s analysis of the retail sector can be repurposed by you. You can use it in an e-newsletter, article, or tweet. Or, it could be a single slide in a 30-minute presentation you give at the local library about investing. It’s all based on prudent principles common to investment fiduciaries. The sample represents a single minute in Fritz Meyer’s 75-minute webinar from August — a fraction of the presentation for August 2016, and every month you get access to a new set of 70 slides and an updated transcript.

Fritz began offering his research  on A4A in 2009. He had been the face of one of the world’s largest investment companies for a decade. Fritz was a regular on CNBC and often quoted in the national financial press. His passion, however, was the part of his job in which he spoke with advisors. He began collaborating with me when he went independent.

Fritz distributes his advice free of association with any financial products. Free of conflicts of interest, he puts first the interests of professionals who join A4A. That’s different from continuing education credits and webinars you get from product sponsors.

A4A is a giant study group. It is different from webinars advisors typically get elsewhere. They promote products. Fritz’s investment wisdom — uncensored — consists of his monthly slides, which are transcribed. 

After registering for an Advisor Products account and signing in, you can buy the transcribed slides for here a la carte for $500 a year.

Or, Fritz Meyer's monthly presentations are also integrated with advisor websites and email newslettters in Financial Advisors Marketing Engine.


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