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A4A Launches 12-Credit, 12-Week Financial Counseling CE Course

On March 30, 2021, the CFP Board announced a revision to the principal knowledge topics a CFP® professional is required to master. A completely new topic was added: the psychology of financial planning.   Until now, you did not need to know anything about psychology to be a CFP® professional. Effective Jan. 1, 2022. however, the psychology of financial planning will comprise seven percent of what you must know to hold a CFP® designation.   The CFP Board action has repercussions beyond the CFP® designation. CFA Institute for years has included behavioral finance education in its exam.

Estate & Asset Protection Amid Covid Pandemic

Benefiiciaries and grantors in families with taxable estates are likely to face higher taxes, because of the weakening U.S. balance sheet. A4A is publishing free content related to the Covid pandemic.  Below is the transcript of a continuing professional education class eligible for free continuing education credit to A4A members.  The matters discussed require urgent attention of private wealth advisors, family office professionals, and UHNWIs.    Gideon Rothschild: Hello, and thank you for attending today’s webinar. I am Gi

Compliance Continuing Ed For RIAs

Compliance For RIAs is now part of the professional education curriculum on Advisors4Advisors!   Compliance classes for financial advisors are not new on A4A. We've sponsored many compliance classes for RIAs over the years. However, finding the right compliance consultant or attorney has been an elusive goal since A4A’s founding in 2009.   The best instructors to CFP®, CPA, CFA® and other financial professionals speak easily and draw on their experience with securities and advice laws and state and SEC rules. Moreover, a good class on

CARES Act CE Webinars For CPAs and CFPs®

It was the worst six weeks in modern financial history and the next six weeks will be still worse. Advisors4Advisors (A4A) is sponsoring a professional education class for financial advisors about the CARES Act, taught by Robert Keebler, CPA/PFS at a live class today, Thursday, April 2, 2020, at 4 ET. The webinar is free with A4A membership, which costs $10 a month. As with all A4A classes, it will be available for replay and CE credit for CFPs about an hour after the session concludes. I previewed Bob’s presentation yesterday and it’s his best work ever. Coincidentally, just before hea

Advisors4Consumers Launches

A4A differs from traditional continuing professional education providers because our mission focuses on the best interest of financial consumers as well as financial advisors. Other continuing professional education providers serve the mass of advisors -- the 100,000-plus advisors who do not practice A4A's brand of strategic investing and financial planning.  That’s why professionals holding the best and most consistent record for attending A4A's special brand of CE classes are now listed for free on Advisors4Consumers.org (A4C).  If you are among A4A's top third