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2022 has been a bad year for investors. Times like these tend to heighten financial stress and bring out the worst traits in some investors. So, I want to remind you that now is the time to renew your CFC™ credential. 


You put in 12 hours of your time to earn the CFC™ certificate. Renewing concretely builds on your effort. Renewing will refresh your knowledge of the most important issues in counseling clients amid the turmoil of 2022. (See the Weds., June 1 class description is below.) 


Renewing also gives you access to FINRA-reviewed articles, videos, scripts, presentations, and social content about the CFC™ certificate benefits your clients.

With inflation and bears rampaging on Wall Street, the CFC™ credential is designed to equip you with skills demonstrating that you have undergone extensive training to counsel individuals through difficult times.
To maintain a certificate, practitioners must successfully complete at least 2 of 4 update classes presented annually. The first of the four annual classes for 2022 is on Wednesday, June 3 and deals with how to counsel clients under stressful conditions.
The $199 annual CFC™ certificate program includes:
 ● 4 CE/CPE credits about a vital new professional specialization. (June 1, 2022 Class Description
 ● This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – to ask questions, discuss cases and meet with Dr. Murtha -- on the first and third Wednesday every month at 12:00-2:00 EST – unless otherwise specified. Appointments requested 24 hours in advance.
 ● Digital badge for website, social network profiles, etc., validating you meet requirements of the Financial Counseling Institute annually.
 ● Printable CFC certificate suitable for framing (upon request).
 ● 1-minute video for your website about the value of the CFC™ designation to clients and prospects
 ● Four-slide PowerPoint about the CFC™ to add to a presentation about your services.
 ● FAQ for your website about the designation and The Financial Counseling Institute
 ● "Frank Talks," a semi-annual meetup of CFCs in which Dr. Murtha reviews client cases (anonymized for privacy reasons).
Thank you for your trust and I look forward to connecting with you again soon. Be well.

Frank Murtha, Ph.D.


Financial Counseling Under Stressful Conditions; May 2022 Certified Financial Counselor Update (Class 1 of 4)
(To register, renew your certificate).


2022 has been a bad year for investors, heightening financial stresses and bringing out the worst traits in some investors. This main objective of this class is to remind Certified financial Counselors™ of crucial concepts, techniques, and conversations to counsel clients through this fearful time.

 -  Review fundamental concepts:

 -  Why people invest: emotional versus financial

    ●  The difference between investment objectives and performance
    ●  Seven essential counseling skills
    ●  Trust building
    ●  Strategic emotional communication
    ●  Investor identity

-  Counseling responses under current conditions

    ●  Financial stress level in the U.S. today versus histor
    ●  Personality types most vulnerable in current conditions
    ●  Putting current conditions in perspective
    ●  Questions to ask about stress symptoms
    ●  Words and deeds

 -  Case study: fearful client

 -  Review

 -  Q&A


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