This Was A Test Of Your RIA's Emergency Management System Hot

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Your emergency management system should have kicked in. 


For RIAs, the "Asian Contagion" turned out to be nothing more than a common-cold, a mere correction. But view it as a test anyway.


How did you do? If your firm did not go into Panic Protection mode, you'd be wise to consider it a warning. It was a fire drill and you failed. Recognize, however, you need to do better next time.


A4A and Advisor Products went into Panic Protection Coverage for advisors. On Monday, August 24, 90 minutes after the market closed 11.3% off its May high, independent economist Fritz Meyer made a one-hour presentation reminding you of the economic fundamentals and illustrating the market’s predilection for overreacting to recent news.  


The video below puts Monday’s drop in the context of other plunges since the start of the financial crisis in September 2007. It was made available to be sent to your clients with your voiceover on it on Thursday morning in the Advisor Video Library, a proprietary technology from Advisor Products. Had the stock plunge continued Wednesday — instead of posting one of the biggest one-day gains ever — the video was ready to be narrated by you, posted to your YouTube Channel, and shared in email newsletters with your contacts. We are receiving rave reviews from advisors who try the video library app. (For a free trial, please email your full name, company name, and phone number to b2ap3_thumbnail_infoatadvisorproducts.png.

With stocks moving sharply higher Thursday at 2 p.m., the correction appears to be over, for now. But A4A’s Panic Protection coverage continues at 4 p.m. ET.
Mark DeWeaver, a China and Asia emerging markets expert will present his current view on China at 4 ET. Three years ago, at an A4A webinar, Mark showed photos he’d personally taken, on a tour, of China’s ghost cities. At that time, he said corruption was feed a frenzy of unimaginable overbuilding and a rude awakening could come.


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