GoToMeeting Deleted Today’s Webinar, Then Thanked Me For Finding A Bug Hot

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Today’s webinar was ill-fated from the start, and then Citrix Systems’ GoToMeeting app dealt it a fatal blow.

GoToMeeting is the app we at Advisors4Advisors uses to manage our weekly continuing education webinars for financial professionals. This morning, I received word that a medical emergency had befallen today’s guest speaker, Shehriyar Antia. The intrepid economist and one-time senior analyst at the New York Federal Reserve Bank is but a mere mortal and he is laid up at a Manhattan hospital suffering from a kidney stone. This, too, shall, pass.
Compounding Shehriyar’s misfortune, I sought to notify those registered that today’s event would be cancelled — the first cancellation since we started doing these every week in October 2008. I logged into GoToMeeting and explored the “Cancel My Webinar” feature in GoToWebinar.  Then, it occurred to me that I could just reschedule and postpone the webinar. That would be far better than cancelling the session. So I hit “cancel” to back out of the “Cancel My Webinar” process. That’s where there’s a bug.
The bug zapped all information about today’s webinar — registrant list and their emails. It’s all gone. GoToMeeting is trying to retrieve the data but is not optimistic about the prospects. The company told A4A’s Ben Resnik it would issue our account a credit and they thanked us for pointing out the bug.
GoToWebinar made a mistake and I forgive the company. A4A has managed hundreds of webinars for financial professionals on GoToMeeting’s platform and this was the first time something like this ever happened. That’s an incredible record of success! So, even amid my frustration over the loss of the list of registrants for today’s webinar, I must praise GoToMeeting and give you the whole story.
I just checked in on Shehriyar. He aplogized profusely, which is crazy. “Tell them I am doing better with the help of some heavy meds,” he said. A4A apologizes for the inconvenience to members, who I know all wish you a full and speedy recovery and are looking forward to hearing your presentation about What Will Drive Yields In 2015 at our rescheduled session that you can register for here.   


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