ChFCs And CLUs Now Can Receive Unlimited Continuing Professional Education Credit On Advisors4Advisors Webinars Plus A Life Lesson About Doing Good Hot

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Here's some history about the A4A continuing education programs, just so you understand what you have stumbled into.    



A4A webinars started in early October 2008. Lehman Bros. had collapsed, AIG's was breaking news, and the world financial system was coming undone. About 325 advisors showed up to the first session on October 6, 2008 -- a session that was not recorded because I didn't know it was the start of a series. While I cannot find comments I received from advisors after that session, I did find a post with comments from attendees after our second session, which I am sharing with you so you understand how I got suckered into producing a professional educational webinar series for advisors every week:


-- "Very helpful in this most difficult time in my career. I called many of my clients over the weekend and used a lot of the tools that were discussed. You have been an extremely big help."

-- “The practical down to earth ‘what to do’ advice was just what we need to hear. We had already implemented some of the suggestions, but it was so important to have that validated.The new insights and tactics were "priceless,” a fantastic way to end a horrible week. You are meeting a huge need. We appreciate every minute of that meeting. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

-- “I commend you and your co-presenters; well-chosen trio, vital information, useful redundancy/overlap, and good (plain) slides. Very valuable.

-- "I’ve been in this business for 25 years and the temptation is always there to say I’ve seen it before. This meeting, however, was timely and had some outstanding content. This was truly a valuable service. I’ll be sure to mention how your firm has handled these trying times as I talk with my peers."

-- “I commend you on putting together this program.”

-- “Thank you! This was very helpful and I really appreciate the effort and your good intentions.”

-- “Nice work! Very good job on putting this one together.”

-- “Geat webinar. We're new to your company and your capabilities have been a blessing in this difficult market, making it much easier to “touch” clients--and the response has been favorable. The webinar was like a cherry on the cake."

Point is, I did that first webinar to do something good for other people. While I guess cynics might assume I produced the webinars for purely self-promotional reasons, they'd be wrong. I did it because I could and it would help people. Initially, the series was called, "The Financial Crisis Webinar Series." I had no idea it would be a great business idea. I was just doing the right thing. Now, five and a half years after that first webinar, the thought leadership derived from conducting the sessions weekly has become a major benefit to my main business. What started as an attempt to do something good has somehow turned into a huge blessing for me.


That is a really important lesson. If you try to do something good for other people, it almost always comes around to benefit you. Try it. It works. To continue to reap the benefit of sowing good seeds, it's crucial to remain true to your original motivation. Guard that by erecting a wall around it so no one can come near tainting your original motivation.   



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