LinkedIn Ninja, Crystal Thies, Receives A 4.9-Star Rating -- Highest In Memory -- For A Webinar Packed With Social Networking Best Practices For Advisors Hot

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And, if you want to get more ideas from Crystal, A4A members get Crystal's seven-hour video plus new tips for utilizing LinkedIn every quarter.


Finally, if you want to put Crystal's Ninja tactics to work for your firm, she and her team of Ninjas, writers trained in Crystal's techniques and certified as genuine Ninjas by Crystal, will write your social profiles, bios and services descriptions, as well as make the decisions on all of the nitty-gritty details, like which widgets to use on your website to display streams with your status updates, photos, investment graphics, email campaigns, website content, blog posts, and calls-to-action! That's a lot of information -- sorry -- but basically we're collaborating to tap Crystal's strength in social, SEO and online marketing, to integrate it all into a single comprehensive solution for RIAs.   


Just as A4A allows an advisor to outsource research about taxation to Bob Keebler and about investing to Fritz Meyer, my collaboration with Crystal gives A4A members access to her research and analysis about social networking, SEO copywriting, and content marketing through webinars. And you have the optoin of subscribing to her quarterly training. Meanwhile, opening up the Advisor Products website platform to Crystal's Ninjas is a great way to give Advisor Products clients a comprehensive online marketing solution integrated into advisor websites.


At the webinar session, Crystal gave step-by-step demonstrations of changes to make to your LinkedIn profile to improve chances of getting found on search engines. Ideas came in rapid fire, as did practical tips about how to use LinkedIn to obtain new clients by expanding your social network and connecting with people -- genuinely. 


LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding prospective clients, but few financial advisors have taken advantage of its power. Thies, a former advisor, sees LinkedIn as a “treasure map” to valuable prospects. The founder and CEO of Crystal Clear Buzz LLC, Thies has the audacity to market herself as The LinkedIn Ninja, but she also has the chops to live up to her billing.


Thies, coauthor of The Social Media Handbook for Financial Advisors: How to Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to Build and Grow Your Business, will be conributing to Advisors4Advisors regularly. 


Subscribing to Crystal's quarterly Ninja tactics for LinkedIn also gives you access to Crystal's seven-hour training course, which is filled with tips guaranteed to help you utilize LinkedIn to connect with people who share your interests and passions. If you're not totally satisfied, you have 30-days to get a full refund -- no questions asked.


To get a clear understanding of the value of Crystal's ideas, view Crystal's very first webinar o A4A, a highly rated session in which Thies lists key elements of using LinkedIn strategically to locate and attract high-quality clients.


Super-High Rating And Positive Comments
Webinar viewers gave Crystal a sky-high average rating of 4.9. Here are some of their comments:
“Great presentation. Crystal had good energy and knows her material.”
“Very relevant, thank you. How do we sign up?”
“Good practical information. I picked up some good pointers that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Not sure I would want to have a regular monthly presentation on LinkedIn as often as is being done currently for Fritz, Bob K. or Craig Israelsen.”
“Really fantastic! How do we subscribe to her product?”
“An excellent overview of LInkedIn for RIAs.  It gave me a lot to think about.”
“Great session.”
“Best targeted presentation to date.”
“Very useful info!”
“The best Linkedin presentation I have seen. I will be watching it again.”
“The presentation is excellent!”
“Excellent overview, I will very likely consider the training program.”
“This webinar just wasn’t long enough for such great content! Looking forward to exploring further opportunities for education with A4A’s partnership with Crystal and Constant Contact.”
“Loved the explanation about the effects of commenting/liking/posting on LinkedIn.”
That really was “drinking from a firehose.”


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