Fritz Meyer Says IMPACT 2014 Investment Sessions Offered No Great New Insights, But Practice Management Sessions Were Valuable; An Update On A4A's Direction Hot

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Fritz Meyer, an Independent investment strategist, after attending Schwab IMPACT 2014, says presentations on investment issues offered no new revelations. Essentially, Fritz says, Schwab IMPACT 2014 sessions about investments indicated “there is nothing new under the sun.” In contrast, Fritz says sessions about practice management were probably far more valuable.

Editor's Note: A4A members who want continuing professional education credit for viewing replays of Fritz Meyer's review of IMPACT 2014, do NOT view the YouTube video embedded below. Please log into A4A to see the video and receive continuing professional education. ($60 a year). 

Fritz’s webinar reviewing IMPACT 2014 represents an important "first" for A4A. This was the first time A4A asked Fritz to attend a conference as a journalist. That's good for A4A members.  Fritz is going to attend other advisor conferences. Then, he'll summarize the best ideas from professional educational programs at the industry's biggest events, and he'll review them critically. Borrowing from The Daily Show, Fritz is now A4A’s “Senior Independent Financial Advisor Conference Correspondent.”
A New Kind Of Financial Journalism
Like Jon Stewart, we’re creating a new kind of journalism on A4A. And it's serious. Instead of a trade-publication reporter covering the big conferences for advisors, Fritz Meyer, an economist, is doing it.
Whose analysis will advisors value more? A trade publication’s report, or an assessment from Fritz Meyer, who served for years as senior strategist at one of the world’s largest investment companies?
Fritz’s analysis draws on years of experience as a portfolio manager and investment strategist at Invesco. On A4A, Fritz is independent. He’s not trying to sell any financial products. Fritz is motivated to teach advisors the investment wisdom he has accumulated because it’s good work. He enjoys it.
Webinar Journalism
It's because of the Internet that Fritz and I can do this. Webinars are the perfect medium for communicating complex ideas.
Seeing a webinar is a lot like watching TV. But the focus is the ideas in the presentation -- not an individual’s delivery, or the way he's dressed.
While Fritz is not writing a column or producing a TV show --not using a traditional medium -- he reports investment news for advisors monthly in insightful webinars. He shows advisors the fundamental economic data driving markets in slides from U.S. Government and authoritative sources. Fritz speaks extemporaneously, and happens to be a gifted speaker.
For four years now, Fritz has conducted webinars on A4A monthly. Amazingly, webinar attendees consistently score Fritz 4.7 out of 5 stars. Fritz, numerous advisors have said, is a "national treasure."  
In the pre-Internet era, Fritz and I probably would not have created this news stream for financial professionals. The internet enables thought leaders to partner and cut out the middleman. Media companies, trade associations, and other large organizations are no longer at the center of deals educating professionals. They no longer can dictate business terms to the individuals with the intellectual property.
Fritz, Bob Keebler and other A4A experts provide their ideas directly to you without help from the traditional middlemen. Word of mouth and natural search engine rankings spread our influence. It’s organic. A4A provides websites where these thought leaders sell their ideas to you.
Robert Keebler’s Monthly Tax Webinars
Robert Keebler, the nation's No. 1 educator of accountants and lawyers on personal taxation and another A4A thought-leader, essentially reports on taxation for investment advisors on monthly webinars.
While Bob Keebler’s tools and ideas are accessible at a discount to members of the accounting profession's national trade association, AICPA, A4A makes Bob’s monthly tax analysis available to investment advisors for just $60 a year -- plus you get all of A4A’s coverage from Fritz Meyer and weekly webinar contributors. A4A is the best deal in town.
By the way, you can purchase software, presentations, and in-depth education at Keebler Tax and Wealth Education.
Webinars Alone Are Not Enough
Sure, it is great to hear from these thought leaders, but webinars alone probably will not be enough to make you change your behavior. To make you run your firm more efficiently, A4A not only teaches you best practices, but we also give you an option to buy tools, training, and personal consulting in the areas where you need help.
For example, A4A conducts quarterly webinars with LinkedIn Ninja, Crystal Thies, about social networking and search engines and the latest online marketing techniques. LinkedIn Ninja and A4A provide advisors with a 7-hour training course by Crystal about how advisors can get the most from LinkedIn. Similarly, we are just a week or two away from launching training on Office 365 for advisors with Robert Clark of LucidPointe. More specialized professional education is planned, but you get the idea.
Fritz Meyer To Attend TD Ameritrade Institutional 2014 LINC
At Schwab IMPACT 2014, Fritz Meyer attended numerous investment sessions, including one by former Fed chair, Ben Bernanke. In a webinar, Fritz reviews the sessions he attended at IMPACT 2014 and provides critical analysis and reports on the most valuable ideas at the conference. This is a great use of Fritz’s talents and Fritz will be reviewing other conference in the future. Look for Fritz at the TD Ameritrade Institutional Conference, January 28-31, in San Diego. And feel free to email your TDAI sales rep a note if you’d like to see Fritz speak there.



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