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Why Is Advisors4Advisors Donating To Bubbles The Clown's Charitable Organization?

  About two weeks ago, I stumbled into a story about how businesses can partner with charitable organizations. Being a win-win kind of guy, I was intrigued.   The Web then drew me in. Within a few clicks, I landed at GreatNonProfits.org, a website where charitable organizations are rated by donors, friends, and a healthy smattering of skeptics. And that’s when I stumbled upon Bubbles The Clown.

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What Were The Most Important News Stories Of 2011 To Financial Advisors?

  The new Trending page on Advisors4Advisors is Internet gold. It displays a listing of the most popular articles on A4A over the past year, quarter, month, and week.   Since A4A aggregates news from other websites targeted to advisors in addition to producing original analysis and news content for advisors, our database of articles reflects a broad range of the issues being covered all over the independent advisor business.

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Is Your Cell Phone Secure? Advisors4Advisors Is Here To Help You Make Sure It Is

The sad truth is we’re all vulnerable. If you use a smart phone or computer, you’re email and passwords are constantly in danger of attack by computer crooks. If it sounds slightly paranoid, it’s a good way for advisors to look at it. Point is, A4A faithfully reports on security holes advisors need to know about it, like the one I read about today.

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Unique Visitors To Advisors4Advisors Up More Than 600% Since End of 2010

As shown in the chart below from Google Analytics, monthly unique visitors to Advisors4Advisors has soared more than 600% since the the end of 2010. 

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A4A Special Edition On The Downgrade Of America's Credit Rating

To help investment advisors better understand the meaning of the downgrade by a major U.S. credit rating agency, Advisors4Advisors is today publishing a special edition.   A4A contributors, which include many of the smartest independent financial advisors in the country, are posting new blog entries today and tomorrow reacting to the credit downgrade.

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