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Talk To Me, Readers: Do You Value Aggregated News About Financial Advising Or Would You Prefer More Original Analysis And Opinion?

Scott Martin just posted a little ditty about a story in Financial Advisor magazine featuring a couple of advisors who have built successful firms in these challenging times. It's a great story. It occurs to me, however, that I have not asked lately if you value our advisor-news aggregation.  We have a couple of reporters scouring the Web daily for stories worthy of your attention. How are we doing?

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The Most Popular Professional Applications Used By RIAs; Advisors4Advisors Technology Survey

Advisors4Advisors, a practice management website for investment advisors, recently released a series of reports on the most popular portfolio management, financial planning, and CRM applications used by financial advice professionals.   A4A has about 4,500 members and nearly half of them have told us which apps they use to run their firms.   Seventy percent of A4A’s members are not affiliated with a broker/dealer, while 14% are registered reps and 16% are dually-registered. Ninety-five percent of A4A members are owners, partners, or financial advice professionals, while

Advisors4Advisors Is Getting 10,000 Unique Visitors Monthly, And I Just Returned From The TDAI Conference Where Some Of You Were Really Nice To Me

I just returned from the TD Ameritrade Institutional conference in Orlando and while I was there, A4A broke a new barrier, surpassing 10,000 monthly unique visitors.   Thank you for affirming that A4A is heading in the right direction. It's inspirational.   For example, on Friday morning, I awoke in a frenzy.

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The 401(k) Opportunity For Advisors; Download Apollo Lupescu's Presentation Slides Here If You're An A4A Member

Apollo Lupescu's presentation this afternoon about the confluence of events that has created a business opportunity for private wealth advisors makes a strong case for using turnkey solutions to outsource entering the 401(k) business.

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What You’re Missing By Not Joining Advisors4Advisors

Advisors4Advisors is doing something different. We’re aggregating top news from outlets all over the profession and we’re offering analysis on key stories. So you get breaking news affecting investment advisors from all over the Web as well as our own original analysis.   Moreover, we’re relentlessly focused on practice improvement and professional development. You won’t find coverage anywhere else that is more focused on helping you improve your business and professionalism.

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