What Were The Most Important News Stories Of 2011 To Financial Advisors? Hot

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By exposing stories readers find valuable over a one-year period, you can see what’s really important to advisors.
Website trending pages on popular sites typically display 24-hour trends, or even shorter periods. Some go with a one-week trend. We’re showing a one-year and one-quarter trend, even though I haven’t seen any other websites use so long period.
In fact, the one-year and three-month topics, are arguably far more valuable than the one-day or one-week trends in gaining an understanding of what’s important to advisors.
I’m pleased to say that the most popular story of the year is, The CFP Business Model Needs Help And Here's What You Can Do About It . It’s an important topic and it’s gotten the attention of many thousands of advisors.
The No. 2 story of 2011 was a self-help story, How Financial Advisors Can Make Internet Explorer Better Suited To Their Browsing Habits. The story explains how to set up your browser to for easy access to sites you visit all the time. Another “how to” story that was very popular: Should Financial Advisors Register With Google Places? And Do Google Ratings And Reviews Break Rules Prohibiting RIA Testimonials?
The most popular story of the past three months ahs been Former NAPFA Chairman Mark Spangler's Home Raided By FBI In Criminal Fraud Investigation. No. 2 was entitled TD Ameritrade Integration With Salesforce Outdoes Schwab's Effort. A story that just published about 10 days ago and that has quickly shot to the top of the three-month list is More Details On The Implosion Of The Phoenix Office Of GenSpring, The Nation’s Largest Private Wealth RIA.  An article entitled, After Three-Year Legal Battle With fi360, Don Trone Is Back With A New Designation For Investment Fiduciaries, was also pretty high rated.   
All but the story about Spangler mentioned above were stories that you won’t find anywhere. We broker them and they were not covered anywhere.
And A4A is breaking news regularly now. Last week, we published Wealthfront, A Potentially Disruptive Online Wealth Management Solution, Is Funded By Silicon Valley Bigshots And Competes Against Advisors, and Fritz Meyer’s analysis of the 7% surge in stocks that ran the day after the 490-point run up in the DJIA were widely read, and we’re committed to delivering thoughtful analysis and news about the advisor practice management that you won’t find anywhere else.


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