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Where Can Financial Advisors Learn Advanced Tax Planning Techniques?

When advisors face a complex tax-planning situation, they’re often quick to refer the client to outside help. A better result would be to understand the basics of these advanced strategies enough to introduce them to clients, to be able to spot important issues, and then use an outside specialist to consult on specifics.  

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Should I Change My Blog Photo Or Stay Forever Young?

My blog photo is so old but I almost hate to change it. I look so young in that photo, and much thinner. When I first used this photo on my blog five years ago, it already was three years old. Point is, my online persona looks younger than me, and I struggle with the idea of replacing it versus staying forever young online.   Back in the days when there were real newspapers, some columnists never changed their picture. Dear Abby was that way in The New York Post. . I’m not saying I’m anywhere near as influential as Dear Abby, but I am an advice columnist. Do you think I

Do You Use Our Tags? We're Indexing Our Content And Want To Know If It's Helpful

All of the writers on A4A are "tagging" stories to make it easy for readers to find what they need to know about. Is the system working?   The tags are the underlined words that you see under the headline of a story.   Please tell us if you like the tags or have any suggestions to better organize A4A content.     

Advisors Love Investment Strategist Fritz Meyer, According To Rating & Reviews

Ratings on Advisors4Advisors for Fritz Meyer’s slide show on the economy earlier this week are fantastic. Advisors can actually love an investment strategist!

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About A4A's Chat App And How We Can Use It In The Next Market Meltdown

With the A4A digital community growing, it might be helpful to explain our chat app, which you may have noticed in the lower right hand corner of the home page.

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