How RIAs Can Use A Quarterly Market Summary For Lead Generation On The Web Hot

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A call to action (CTA) box with a graphic should appear on most pages of your website—brochure pages describing your services, content pages with articles written by you and your content partners, and your home page. It’s best if the content you offer on a CTA is targeted to your niche. Offering a “free report” on how the new tax law will affect people is not as good as a report about the new tax law will affect anesthesiologists on Long Island. It’s best to have multiple special reports to choose from and gear them to two or three different niches.
Take the case of an RIA using article marketing and social media targeted to anesthesiologists on Long Island. The advisor could post articles on his website about the financial problems faced by anesthesiologists on Long Island. He would also need to provide status updates—140-character tweets—on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter letting his social networks followers know he has articles on his website with financial ideas of value to Long island anesthesiologists. Those social media posts would actually help the advisor improve his search engine rankings.
While wealth managers using these content marketing techniques may not get a lot of people clicking on their status updates and reading their articles, those who do click will probably be anesthesiologists from Long Island. And, when they come to your website, you need a call to action to capture them as leads.
If you have read this far, you have enough of an attention span to perhaps succeed in content marketing. And you will be rewarded with the following valuable idea about using a quarterly market report to create a call to action on your website that will generate leads from your target clients.
Every quarter now, Fritz Meyer and I collaborate to produce content explaining financial markets. Fritz Meyer is an economist and investment strategist and I’m a financial writer who understands how to create Web content for the clients of professionals in the financial advice business. Together, we produce this incisive quarterly analysis of the investment markets that you can use as a premium article, video or slide show on your website as a call to action. (But you can also write your own market report and use this technique.)
Fritz provides the data and analysis and I make it easy for consumers to understand and jazz up the graphics. You can use that quarterly report as your call to action on your website. If you have an Advisor Products Platinum website, we’ll even post it for you using your six hours of service time. In fact, our social media content stream works in concert with the quarterly market report. But here’s the key.

The quarterly report can be customized by you to target it to your niches. You need to just tweak the content to your targets. Instead of calling it "Quarterly Market Report," you might call it "Quarterly Market Report for Long Island Anesthesiologists." In addition, since the quarterly report is provided to you in a PowerPoint as well as a Word document, you would want to throw in a few ideas specifically targeted to your ideal clients and local markets.
By adding a couple of points of special interest to your target market, you leverage analysis and content produced by experts. It’s research and content that you are otherwise unlikely to produce on your own, but you tweak it for your search terms and niches. All you do is add a few sentences. For instance, you might say that “the gain in stocks of 16% in 2012 came as welcome news to anesthesiologists on Long Island, who have been under pressure from insurers to accept lower reimbursements.”
For RIAs hoping to use article marketing, SEO, and social media to generate leads and get more clients, relying on a content partner is wise. You cannot on your own produce as much intelligent, valuable and professional-looking content as is needed to attract qualified leads from HNWIs using social media and SEO. Working with a content partner who provides you with special reports, white papers, slideshows, and videos is a cost-effective way to succeed.
One last idea: The quarterly investment report can be used by RIAs to accompany portfolio performance reports. You can edit it and take all of it or just part of it, and you can target it to you niches. But what’s really cool is you can also read the PowerPoint and record your voice reading the script we provide. You can then upload it to YouTube as a video or as a Slidecast on SlideShare. If you are interested in Advisor Products recording your voice and then posting it as a video for you, call us at 516 333 0066.
Fritz Meyer and will have the latest version of the Quarterly Market Summary available in the next few days. In the meantime, check out last quarter’s version in the slideshow above.


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