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Advisors who optimize investments for low taxes are a special breed. You understand that, over the long-term, managing assets strategically to minimize taxes is a free lunch. 

Managing Assets Tax-Efficiently Makes You Special

Investment advisors managing location of assets tax-efficiently for clients who are residents of high-income-tax states routinely capture extra return annually in the form of tax-savings for clients. It compounds tax-free, and that makes you a smart choice for consumers. Herein lies the rub: The very advisors possessing the math skill to manage investments for tax-minimization are, ironically, often among the poorest communicators.
Advisors who are great technicians often see no need to tell anyone exactly what they do. Maybe you're so busy doing great work that you can't find time to tell people. Or maybe communicating is just a weakness or total blind spot. For whatever reason, communications is often lacking among analytically-minded individuals.
The video below is perfect for you! It's a sample of the video of a three-minute consumer edcuation video. Keep in mind, instead of hearing my voice, it's you reading the script.


Re-Balancing Software Users Have An Edge

This consumer education video is perfect  for RIAs using Total Rebalance Xpert, iRebal, and other apps for automating rebalancing of portfolios  CPA financial planners and PFSs will eat it up, as will some CFPs, CIMAs, and CFAs. 
It allows you to explain your value propostion in your own voice easily.

Advisor Videos You Narrate

The video is part of a system allowing you to narrrate the video shown below.  Instead of hearing the voice of the announcer, it's your voice accompanying the video. Here's how that works.
You dial into a system to record your voice. You read the words displayed of a script. Screen-by-screen, you are directed by phone prompts woking synchronously with the proprietary online application. The system records you reading text displayed on screen and merges your audio files with the video you are shown above.
You can go off script. It is not recommended you change the ideas, but putting them in your own words is fine. The app handily displays the amount of time remaining in red while you are recording. The real-time visualization of the amount time remaining, gives you the freedom to put the script in your own words -- as long as you end before running out of time as shown in red.

A Library Of Advisor Videos

The Advisor Video Library houses a continually updated stream of one-, -two, and three-minute videos, like the one above. Some videos in the Library are “Evergreens,” perfect content to add to a static marketing page on advisor websites. An RIA optimizing for location, a small segment of the market serving mass affluent and UHNWIs, could place any of our videos labeled “Evergreen” on a static marketing page on its website. When a visitor to your website clicks on “Services,” this video narrated by you would be featured content on the page. This video is extremely valuable for any advisor who offers advice on minimizing taxation through asset location and who currently does not prominently advertise this service his or her website.

That is a small audience. But these professionals are also the ones who are most likely to appreciate that the Advisor Video Library also includes ongoing education about investing, retirement, and taxation for clients and prospects. Content in Advisor Video Library includes 15 new videos quarterly based on continuing professional education programming on Advisors4Advisors.


Aligned With Continuing Professional Education

A4A offers CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, and other financial professionals unlimited continuing education credit for just $60 a year, and Advisor Products turns that content into educational research you present to clients and prospects.

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