Fritz Meyer’s Economic Update Webinar: Some Advisor Reviews Were Harsh But The Crowd-Sourced 4.8 Star-Rating Tells The Real Story Hot

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This ties in with what I wrote earlier this week about why the SEC must update the rule prohibiting the use of testimonials to allow consumers to benefit from crowd-sourced “likes” on Facebook, recommendations and endorsements on LinkedIn, and followers on Twitter.
The harsh comments from reviewers of Fritz's session give you one picture about how well the webinar was received by advisors. But the star-rating really tells you the full story. That single statistic discounts all information, which is why it is so very powerful. SEC is so wrongheaded and out-of-step with how to harness the power of the Internet to help investors.
Back to Fritz, though. A few commenters criticized Fritz for going too long, and a few of the critics don’t mind Fritz going on past the 5 p.m. EST scheduled end-time of the session. However, they want to be able to schedule the extra time or get continuing education credit for it. Good feedback! Thanks. Fritz and I will talk about it.
I especially appreciate this commenter’s indignant tone:  “I continue to tell many of my advisor friends and colleagues about Fritz' and Bob Keebler's webinars, but many of them are foolishly electing not to participate. They are doing themselves and their clients a great disservice.” Thanks, dude!
You can view all of A4A's weekly professional education videos for financial advisors and get CFP Board or IMCA continuing education credits for most sessions if you have paid A4A’s $60 annual membership fee, and you can also view Fritz’s highly-rated November 2013 economic update.
  • Fritz always goes long, way beyond the 50 minutes need for 1 CPE hour.  Why not have Fritz go an 1 hr 40 min?  This would give him more time and allow for 2 hours of CPE credit instead of loosing 25 minutes of time when Fritz goes long.
  • I heard him for the first time and being an educator loved his presentation and research.
  • Very informative - would like to see an area be focused in - more in-depth analysis of a particular area and where the number are coming from.  If you look at slide #53 - Social security is flat in the future - perhaps if Fritz explains that Medicare Part B & D is eating away at the monthly social security check it would make for a more effective withdrawal strategy.
  • Fritz needs to pick top presentation priorities and stick to the alloted time.
  • As always - very informative and entertaining...........
  • Allocate more time for the webinar.  The material is worth it, and it's easier to schedule.
  • Fritz is great with the facts and at debunking the hype!
  • reat at usual
  • Excellent analysis - as usual. I must admit I am worried that the markets have gone too far too fast (now over 2 years since even a correction). Yet Fritz gives us a rational basis to understand WHY even these current elevated markets can be rationally justified for the long-term investor.
  • I normally look forward to these calls monthly, today was no exception. However, I was bothered by how long the call went today (and it started late also) and how much time was devoted to teaching about asset allocation and active/passive mgmgt at the end. This is something I have no interest in (being an Investment Advisor and Active manager already), but I certainly appreciate the slides on Sector bets being difficult to make (we are sector neutral ourselves).
  • Fritz is always up to the game.
  • Andy, Fritz, perhaps this is beginning to sound like a broken record, but thank you to Fritz for cutting through all the media noise and hype and getting the word out to advisors about the true state of the markets and the economy. I continue to tell many of my advisor friends and colleagues about Fritz' and Bob Keebler's webinars, but many of them are foolishly electing not to participate. They are doing themselves and their clients a great disservice.
  • Too much info or not enough time
  • I think that they agendas are too ambitious, and we'd take more away with a narrower discussion.
  • Fritz should cut some of the slides out and make it a little less voluminous solely so he may complete the presentation.  It's all excellent but obviously difficult for him to complete within an hour.
  • Timely economic update; terrific!
  • Good, would suggest cutting out slides that do not show change from previous presentation and focus more time on those that did.
  • Great as usual.  Please post Rick Ferri's questions and Fritz's responses.
  • Excellent market & economic update.
  • Great, as usual!
  • I try to attend Frtiz's webinar whenever possible.  I find the information valuable and he has a way of making dry numbers and technical information understandable and interesting.
  • Again, to much material.  Get to the point or allow for a longer presentation.
  • Fascinating as always, but too much too fast for my pea brain.  Seriously, I took away a great deal, but felt like I missed getting my head around some charts and commentary.  But thanks to Andy's web set-up, I can go back and review.  Now if I can just make the time...
  • I appreciated Fritz's comments at the end of his presentation regarding applying the economic information to portfolio allocation.  Making that transition and how to do so is what most advisors hope to take away from comments on the economy.
  • Fritz. The FundQUEST bnp paribas study suffers from survivorship bais.


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