Just When You Were Thinking Of Dropping Microsoft For Apple, Windows 8 Is Favorably Reviewed Versus Apple iOSs Mountain Lion Hot

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"At its heart, Mac OS X is still an operating system designed for desktops and laptops," reports PCWorld's Nick Mediati. "Sure, Apple brought over a number of features from the iPad, but OS X is still based on windows, menus, folders, and the like. With Windows 8, Microsoft has bigger aspirations: Windows 8 will run on your desktop and your laptop as well as on your tablet, and it's unlike anything that has come before it.


Windows 8 is expected to be released in October 2012.


Because Windows 8 will sync up your computer with Windows 8 tablets and phones, it perhaps represents Microsoft's last chance to catch up with Apple in desgning great consumer solutions like iPhone and iPad.  


It will take a year or two to see if Windows 8 will catch on and if Microsoft catch up to Apple's success with phones and tablets.



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