Office 365 Webinar Is Must-See TV For RIA CEOs, CCCs, COOs Hot

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At today’s live webinar at 4 p.m. EST, which will be made available for replay late tonight, you’ll learn how Office 365 lets you do much of the work you now pay your IT consultant to do.


Office 365, for the first time, makes it possible for an RIA owner to be the administrator of a company network. Many tasks you pay an IT consultant to manage can now be handled by RIA owners as well as staff. The “Admin” panel in Office 365 is a gateway to managing your organization in Office 365.

If you own an RIA, or are CCO, CMO, COO, or CTO at an RIA, this 70-minute session shows you how to add, edit and delete email accounts for your staff and external users, using Office 365’s control panel for Administrators.

Office 365 is now a DIY IT network.  Owners of RIAs are bound to feel intimidated at the thought of managing their own internal computer network, espcially if you have a a few employees or outside consultants who help you day-to-day with client service. But the Admin panel for controlling users on your system is a cinch for you to use.   




At this session, you’ll see how easy it is to distribute licenses of Office 365 and manage users on your network in the  cloud. You’ll learn how to provision Skype For Business for your team, a compliant way to set up and manage chat among your team members. You’ll also be shown how to handle other common tasks required of a network administrator.


This session — eighth in our monthly series about Office 365 for RIAs —gives CFPs, CPAs, CIMAs, CLUs, ChFCs, CPWAS, ands CFAs highly specialized information about Office 365, which puts Exchange — the email and calendar app in the Microsoft productivity suite —  in the cloud instead of hosting it on premises and paying a consultant to administer the system.  


Your firm controls email accounts and grants licenses to Office’s productivity suite—Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. At this session, you'll learn how to manage these basic tasks yourself. You'll decide how much you can do and want to delegate to staff. You may want to set up all new email accounts in your firm, or give that task to your CCO.


RIA owners have a fiduciary responsibility to know about their firm. Even if you plan on delegating to your staff the task of setting up email accounts for your team and firm, you are the owner of the company and you should know the basics for controlling this key internal communication hub in your company before handing it off. This is especially important if you are a sole practitioner because you have the most to gain from learning how to be your own network admin. This session helps ensure a financial professional knows enough about Office 365 to make prudent decisions about your responsibilities and those of others as Admin of Office 365.

The speaker at these Office 365 sessions is Robert Clark, CEO of LucidPointe, who regularly helps RIAs get up and running on Office 365 and also provides ongoing support. 

By the way, you may still need an IT consultant but much of the time they spend working maintaining an internal network server will no longer be needed. Your IT consultant won’t be doing these common tasks that the Admin panel now lets you control yourself.


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