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I switched from Microsoft Internet Explorer to Firefox 4 in March, after using IE for many years. I was really happy with Firefox until about a week ago when I downloaded Firefox 5.

Firefox 5 became a hassle almost immediately. When I would navigate to a website, the URL would not show up in the address bar. Instead the address bar displays: “Go to a web site.” It was very inconvenient because I cut and paste links to websites all day long to share them. In addition, Roboform, my password manager, no longer worked—even after I downloaded version 7.3.2, which is the latest one.  
I really like Firefox add-ons and Firefox 5 was faster in navigating the Web than Firefox 4. But I just don’t have the time or inclination to spend time working around bugs.
Firefox 4 was released just a few months ago and Firefox is adhering to an aggressive schedule to keep rolling out new versions, departing from its previous practice of releasing just one new version a year. As pointed out in ARS Technica last week, the shorter development cycles enables third party developers to update their add-ons every time Firefox improves. Trouble is, this leaves third-party developers less time to update their Firefox add-ons for compatibility. Popular add-ons I use do not work in Firefox 5, including Samfind as well as Roboform.
After a week of frustration, I uninstalled Firefox 5 today and reinstalled Firefox 4.

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