A Tale Of One Logo: Microsoft’s New Version Of Logo s Praised And Assailed In The Press Hot

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It’s was the best of logos, it was the worst of logos. It was an age of confusion about Microsoft’s new version of its 25 year old brand icon. What the dickens is the truth?
“With the logo they’ve released today,” SlashGear said of Microsoft’s new logo, “they’ve made it clear that they’re willing to make their way into the post-PC age or perhaps the mobile age, if you want to call it that.”
Meanwhile, Washington Post blogger Alexandra Petri (whose bio plainly states her achievements ss flattering. In a blog post entitled, “New Microsoft logo looks like something I just came up with in MS Paint,” Petri said, “It certainly looks less 1980s-mildly suspicious-gentleman-in-white-socks-and-blue-jeans than the present logo. But then again most things do.”
Personally, I kind of like the new logo and am hoping it really does represent a new era. Microsoft has made so many huge mistakes over the past decade.
Early reviews of the new Surface Pro tablet are mostly very good. So we’ll see in a few weeks if it really is the dawn of a new age for the company.


Below is the new logo, with the old logo under it.



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