Plaxo Retreats From Social Networking To Focus On Synching Your Address Book And Social Media Contacts Hot

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Three years ago, as I was getting into social media, I dabbled with Plaxo.


Plaxo back then was moving away from its core strength of helping me organize contacts across different apps and social sites, and it was moving toward becoming a social network.


I soon decided that blogging, using LinkedIn and Twitter and, to a lesser degree, Facebook, was taking taking enough of my time and I would stop using Plaxo. I didn't want yet anothe social network.


Apparently, i was not the only one because Plaxo yesterday announced the launch of Personal Assistant, a new family of address book-related services, and it will focus on address-book-related services in the future.


The new product, which costs $79.99 a year, scans publicly available databases like ZoomInfo for more up to date information about your contacts and lets you approve updating your contacts with that information, according to TechCrunch.







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