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Some background: About four months ago, I made the big decision to clear out all my furniture in my office.  About 20 years ago, I started buying this expensive teak office furniture made in Norway. Over a few years, I purchased a 72” credenza, 60” hutch, four filing cabinets, four desks with room for monitors from before the flat-screen period of civilization.



The teak furniture was beautifully constructed and had sentimental significance because I launched my company from that furniture. But I went paperless years ago and now valued the open space. Moreover, I wanted to build a video studio in my office. Everything— even my desk — had to be on wheels.


I spent weeks researching my alternatives before settling on Anthro. Anthro is an unusual office furniture company. It’s totally high-end.


The desk took about two hours to assemble. Every screw is finely machined, as is the steel tubing used to construct the base. The desk surface is slightly shiny and has a hard finish like Formica.


Even the wheels are top-quality and roll with an industrial strength smoothness. This desk is so solidly constructed that a cup of coffee sitting on the desk won’t shake and spill when you wheel the desk around. And my room is carpeted.


A wire tray tucked behind and under the back of the desk hides all of the wires and my Monster power center, and that single power cord is the only wire running from the desk to the wall outlet.


The motor that lifts the desk supposedly will elevate as much as 300 pounds of equipment. The height ranges from 27" to 53". So it could accomomdate Shaquille O'Neill or Verne Troyer.   


Anthro seems to be a great company. Service was excellent. I  also purchased an Anthro cart that I custom-designed with storage space for a printer, phones, cable modem, printer server, and cabinet.


Height-adjustable desks with wheels are excellent for a video studio. You can stand while giving a presentation and video yourself next to a monitor on your desk. Your desk can be at the right height for you to click a mouse as the video shows your screen. You can also use the monitor on your desk as a Teleprompter—at eye level. In addition, you will have  shots where you want to move your desk completely off camera.


Another really cool thing about my desk is that I can position it adjacent to my elliptical machine and work out while on the computer. I can make VOIP calls, browse the Web and even write while I am working out. I actually spend an hour a day on the elliptical doing this. (I’ve written previously about the Ergotron  LX Desk Mount that I used as a Keyboard tray on my elliptical.)


Sit-stand desks are going to be everywhere a decade from now. We all spend too much time sitting.


Anyone who comes to visit me and see my set up thinks it’s absolutely great. My desk rolls around and elevates.


The Anthro Elevate Adjusta desk cost me $1933.59, which is not a small amount of money. But it is the best desk ever.


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