Clamp-On Keyboard Mount Lets You Exercise On An Elliptical, Treadmill, or Exercise Bike While Using Your Computer Hot

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The Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm combined with the Ergotron Notebook Arm Mount Tray and an LX Extension Arm.


Even if you do not you get paid more per hour than $167.77, which the combined cost of the three items, this investment still will pay for itself fast because your workout time will be more productive. You can answer emails, do research on the Web, make phone calls, and pay bills while you are get in shape and burning calories.
While I am on my Cybex Arc Trainer for an hour five times weekly, I like to be totally distracted so I forget I’m exercising.
I’ve gone from primitive to advanced set ups to work while exercising, from book-holders and clamps to hold The New York Times to contraptions for holding a Kindle or laptop. Nothing worked great. The Ergotron LX Desk Mount LCD Arm works great.
The clamp mount is mean for a desk, but easily adapts to clamp on to my elliptical. To keep the clamp from marking up the elliptical, I wrapped a rubber mouse pad around the area where the clamp meets the elliptical. That’s optional.
The LX Desk Mount Arm is primarily used to hold a monitor, and it’s great for that as well. But by adding the mount tray, it enables the arm to hold a keyboard tray or a laptop. That’s how I am using it. I also bought the extension, not for the longer reach it provides, but because it makes the arm more adaptable to different uses.
Typing while I am on the elliptical at my optimal heart rate — I wear a heart rate monitor, of course — is not easy. Makes me use my abdominal muscles. So I don’t write stories while I'm on the elliptical. But I do type emails and jot down notes.  
For the last three years, I would usually have the TV tuned to CNN (muted but with closed captions displayed) while listening to music, and reading The Times. Now instead of reading The Times on the Kindle, I am reading it on the Web and I am doing research.   
I am a pretty exciting guy, eh?


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