Here's The Best Windows 8 Desktop Mouse I Can Find Hot

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But the Sculpt Ergonomic, which you can find on Amazon for about $42 plus shipping is different not just because of its Windows button. It's also different because its shape differs from conventional mice.


The larger Sculpt Ergonomic is much rounder and taller than a traditional mouse. So the way you wrap your hand around it different from a conventional mouse.


This is not a mouse you'd want to use with your laptop or tablet. It's big, beefy body is designed with ergonomics in mind. This is kind of like holding a softball in your hand--actually it's between the size of a software ball and hardball.


A big mouse, even for a small-handed man like myself, feels better than a small one. Plus, this mouse makes you rest your wrist naturally on your desktop. That's not hype. It really is more comfortable than the smaller Windows 8 mouse I use with my Surface Pro laptop, the Sculpt Comfort Mouse. You will naturally hold your wrist almost perpendicular to your desktop surface instead of holding your wrist almost parallel to your desk. Interesting.


The other big difference between the two is that the more portable Sculpt Comfort, which costs about $30 on Amazon, does not need a USB receiver to be plugged into your computer. It connects using bluetooth without the USB. The bigger Sculpt Ergonomic, however, does require a USB be inserted in your computer.


Both of these mice work on batteries -- two AAs for the bigger model versus two AAAs for the smaller one. If you'd prefer a rechargeable Windows desktop mouse, you'll have to wait. Logitech, the king of mice, does not manufacture one yet. If you use Microsoft's Sculpt Ergonomic mouse, you will need to shut off the mouse by flipping the switch on the bottom of the mouse to the "off" position. It's easy to do, but takes some training to remember to switch it off every time you leave your desk, which means you will need new batteries once every month or two. 


Should I feel guilty about not being more green? Should all of us good people be using rechargeable mice?

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