Five Reasons Why Advisors Should Use Infographics

Friday, May 17, 2013 12:49
Five Reasons Why Advisors Should Use Infographics

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Having designed and launched numerous print and Web solutions that have been widely adopted by the financial advice profession since 1996, I can say without reservation that the typical financial advice professional will usually shun new client communication techniques. Private wealth advisors understandly shy away from untried, unproven practices. So why in the world would advisors start using infographics, a popular new communication device? More to the point, why would you send people in their 50s, 60s, and 70s an infographic when they may never have seen one before?


Since I can always rely on advisors to be slow adopters, you might be interested in these five reasons why advisors should use infographics.

Stand Out. Social media and content marketing have triggered an information explosion. The avalanche of information caoming at us all makes it harder than ever for you to stand out based on your public messaging, brand, and ideas. White papers look boring and take too much time to consume. Meanwhile, the Web has evolved into a graphical medium, drawing your attention with oversized pictures and fonts in bold colors. Infographics use these design devices to make your ideas stand out.
Concise. In an era in which everyone’s attention span is declining, you are trying to communicate with very busy people. Graphics that make information understandable fast is what people want. This is especially important when you're using content for marketing.
People Learn Differently.  Some people learn by reading, others prefer video, and still others prefer the combination of graphics and text presented in inforgraphics.
New And Improved. Just because it is a new communication tool does not mean older people will not “get it.” Infographics are progress. It’s an evolutionary new medium for explaining complex ideas and delivering them efficiently over the Web. Keep in mind, posters that were essentially the same as today’s inforgraphics have been around for decades but the Web has made them deliverable on small screens.
Numbers. Financial ideas are often about numbers—charts and graphs. The information you deal in, thus, lends itself to infographics.

Advisor Products next week will start offering financial professionals infographics that you can use for lead generation. The first infographic is based on research by Prof. Craig Israelsen showing how the last secular trend toward higher interest rates--the 34 year period from 1948 to 1981--was not so bad thing for income-oriented investors. It is targeted to pre-retirees and retirees worried about generating retirement income in the current interest rate environment. You can use it on any website or, if Advisor Products is you web vendor, you can use our lead generation system, which emails you the names of people who sign up to get your infographics and is integrated with out content marketing and social media system. To see a sample of the new infographic and learn more, please contact us.  





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