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Over the last few years, however, open-source CMS has flourished. WordPress, the most popular, is used by 16.7% of all websites, Drupal on 2.1%, and Joomla on 2.8%, according to W3Schools. Among the World Wide Web’s most visited one million sites, Drupal is the CMS reportedly used by 9.1%, Joomla by 11.1% and WordPress by 63.2%. 
Open source CMS is popular because it’s free. Yes, free. These CMS apps are operated by not-for-profit organizations. The free software movement is an amazing phenomenon and books have been written about it. But the main thing most advisors probably care is that, because these CMS apps are free, they have spawned large communities of developers.
Tens of thousands of programmers around the world have built apps that extend WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.  Like add-ons for Firefox, apps in Apple iOS App Store, and Play for Google’s Android (formerly Market), these extensions make it easy to make improvements to a website.
Say you want to add a rotating banner to your website, one that changes a graphic and text displayed in a big rectangular box across the top of your home page. In minutes, you can find a free or inexpensive extension on a CMS app store that does it for you. Web development is suddenly much easier and you can come to market with the latest widgets and apps much more quickly by relying on open-source CMS.
Advisor Products chose Joomla as its open source platform because it is extremely versatile. While WordPress is simpler, it’s really a blog platform is not as powerful as Drupal or Joomla. Drupal, while also more powerful than WordPress, is generally more complex and unwieldy than Joomla. Joomla is a happy medium.
Advisor Products has built a new “BackOffice” application that gives advisors control over their websites using Joomla’s powerful features. We’ve created components to add Advisor Products’ content to your Joomla-powered website. You can change text and graphics on any page, add new pages, and do pretty much anything to keep your site fresh with new content and tools. The ability to manage your site yourself easily is important. Because the system is so easy to use and renders beautifully designed Web pages with rich social, video and textual content, you are more likely likely
Many small independent Web developers use Joomla to develop websites for advisors but they lack the support staff, content and industry knowledge necessary for a successful financial advisor website.  Often these developers will not give you access to edit the site yourself. (We’ve come across one advisor who paid $27,000 Joomla site and branding that we’d now charge $3000 for and he could not change his website himself.) 
We’re now able to add the most modern widgets and graphics to advisor websites and all of it is integrated with AdvisorVault, client portals, and our wealth management content. 
Initially the new CMS platform is available to RIAs only because the new CMS system has not been integrated with our compliance tool for broker-dealer pre-approval of content by registered reps. But that’s coming. We’ll keep you updated.
Please call us at 516 333-0066 if you would like to know how you can use this cutting-edge technology to improve your website marketing and client communications.


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