Authenticity Is Key To Success For Advisors Using Social Media, Giving Fiduciaries A Natural Edge

Friday, February 24, 2012 15:20
Authenticity Is Key To Success For Advisors Using Social Media, Giving Fiduciaries A Natural Edge

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The din from social media experts telling advisors how to tweet, blog, and create other content is at high pitch. The one thing I would add is a call for authenticity. People will read if you are authentic. You need to speak from the heart and you must be willing to call things as you see them. For advisors, that means writing blog entries and creating other content that explains why you practice the way you do.

For an advisor to be successful with social media, you must write what you are passionate about -- your values -- and how they are reflected in the way you counsel clients. (And when I say “write,” I mean creation of all kinds of content: webinars, Slidecasts, videos, status updates, or forms of content.)

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Write a blog post about why you don’t use a particular type of financial product. Post a Slidecast explaining why you choose to work with a particular institution. Post a video of you speaking to a group about why you beleive in financial planning, use an indexing strategy, and the riders on different long-term care insurance policies. Your candor on “inside baseball” issues where you are the expert would be appreciated and draw an audience.
If you blog regularly about your professional passions, you are also likely to find they are excellent keywords. It will draw those searching the Web for information about the professional issues you care about deeply. That's a good meeting of minds.
If you start telling people about the dirty little secrets of getting financial advice, they will find it valuable.
Which is why fiduciaries have a real advantage over private wealth advisors not practicing as a fiduciary.
To be a fiduciary, you have to be willing to blow the whistle on all the nonsense that goes on in the industry, in charging excessive fees or commissions or other common practices with which you disagree. You have to be willing to be totally transparent. Totally authentic.
If you write about wealth management issues from this perspective, from the angle of always doing the right thing, the Internet will entrust you with people who care about your opinion on financial matters and may one day give you call and hire you.  
Authenticity isn’t easy. But what’s even more rare is to be authentic and great at creating Web content.
Financial advisor Carl Richards, who now writes a blog for The New York Times, is an excellent example of advisor authenticity. You may remember my post from last November entitled, Financial Advisor Carl Richards Bares All In The New York Times; How He Lost His Home And Was Financially Ruined.
People on the Internet will find you if you create great content. You don’t need to be a professional writer or videographer—although being able to produce well-written, easy-to-consume content is important an strength that can make success much more likely.
But if you simply say what you believe about your professional passions in advising on wealth management, you are likely to find success with social media marketing.


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I could not agree more - that is why I look at the pre-canned content being marketed for advisors to use on social media with much trepidation. Focusing on creating (and sharing others) quality content is key to building a rapport with followers and connections. If also using a strategy to write quality original material than add credibility to the rapport. Thanks for sharing this Andy.
bwarrene , February 28, 2012

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