Desk Reviewed Here 18 Months Ago Gets Rave Reviews From ZDNet; A Lesson In How To Provide Valuablle Content To Your Target Markets


When I reviewed the Elevate Adjusta in April 2012, I entitled the post, "Best Desk Ever,"  and ZDNet's review was about as enthusiastic. 


"The product I've been most impressed with so far this year isn't digital — it's an electric desk by Anthro, the Oregon-located makers of ergonomic technology furniture," reports Oliver Marks in his review. "I've been using their Elevate II desk for a few weeks, and it already feels completely indispensable and a surprisingly big life change, much like the feeling I got when I first used an iPad."


I have been using this desk for about two years, I recommend it highly. Sitting all the time is bad for you. The Economist recently published a story about research studies showing that people who are immoble are twice as likely to suffer a heart attack or develop diabetes. Low-level activity--simply standing up--seems to be really healthy. 


I move my desk next to my elliptical machine and browse the Web for an hour a day, keeping my heart rate at 120 beats per minute. For advisors who spend a lot of time doing research, this desk can be a life-saver--literally.   


Just want to point out the kind of information I am trying to bring you here and the quality of information. It's not about producing a lot of content. It's about producing content that is valuable to you. This is a lesson advisors should apply in their effort to communicate withg people.


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