Advisors Don’t Use The Tech Tools They’re Paying For Hot

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Advisors don’t use the tech tools they’re paying for. Here’s proof.

Of advisors using Office 365 and attending this month’s “Office 365 For Advisors” webinar, just 14% use OneNote. 

Admittedly the findings are based on a small sampling, but they confirm what I’ve suspected for years: Advisors are not just slow-adopters, they don’t spend time on anything that distracts them from being with clients.

Successful financial professionals are coached to delegate tech tasks. You’ve been told that learning how to use OneNote is not the best use of your unique abilities.

Sorry, but that’s no longer true. I beleive that a few years ago, an advisor could ignore a tool like OneNote. Refusing to spend 30 minutes learning to use this productivity tool just cannot be part of a strategy for growth over the five years ahead. Clients are going to soon  expect all their information on their smartphone. 

Using OneNote for sharing and marking up portfolio statements, tax documents and legal documents makes it easy for you to draw a purple arrow highlighting the amount your client will owethe IRS, and make eveything you communicate clear. It's encrypted in Microsoft's cloud and can be sent as a link if there is personally identifiable  information. Or you can send the graphics and markups in an email.   

OneNote comes with Office 365 and allows you to share ideas with clients and members of your team. It makes it easy to share notebooks with individuals and teams with screenshots and graphics, text, imogees and videos.

OneNote combines aspects of many apps in the Office 365 suite of productivity apps.

You can assign Outlook follow-up tasks and deadlines. I assign tasks to programmers with scenenclips and they  initial my notebook pages when an item is completed.

OneNote is a great collaboration tool and only 14% of the attendees at the Office 365 for Advisors webinar are using it. They're all paying for OneNote but few are using it. 

Do you think I am wrong? Do you think most advisors are willing to try new apps like OneNote?  

If you do try it, please come back here and tell us about your experience.

Here's a video clip at the tail end of the session, when instructor Robert Clark of LucidPointe says, talks about how to fix sync errors and we discover that an advisor fell victim to the same time-wasting sync problem that I experienced after downloading Microsoft's new next-gen sync tool.

  • Robert Clark, received an average rating of 4.5 on a scale five point scale, and look at the comments::
  • Specific and helpful information about SharePoint. If I had this information when I started using this system for my team it would have saved us a lot of trouble. I look forward to watching additional recorded sessions in this series.
  • I would like to dig into the settings of MS365 - I think there is so much there and I just need to figure out how to use it more.  It's a little frustrating that I can't drag a file over to an email (because we can't get our syncing to work and we've had to start from scratch three times - so we just gave up); perhaps I'm missing something that used to be so easy and now has to be downloaded to and then dropped into an email or wherever.
  • Great - these are the specifics we need at this point
  • I'd like to see you do one of these via skype
  • How about an update on the phone system too
  • Thanks


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