Partnering, Merging, Succession, And Other Business Deals--Including Serving Clients; Making All Your Work With People More Fulfilling And Successful Hot

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I just got off the phone with Bob Keebler, a client and business partner who educates tax, legal and private wealth advisors. My goal in working with Bob is to make him win. I want to make him win so he will love me.
Doing business with Bob energizes me. It is fulfilling because I am motivated to be as generous as possible with him. It is contagious and Bob feels compelled to reciprocate. 
Tapping your generosity empowers business relationships. It breeds trust and success. It enhances all human interactions.
Let’s do an experiment.
Today, when you get on the phone, go pick up lunch at a restaurant nearby, or have a meeting with a client, please make an effort to be generous in your interactions with people. Think of ways to make the other person win.
Tomorrow, let me know how it goes by posting a comment here.


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