How To Use Advisors4Advisors

Friday, November 08, 2013 10:38
How To Use Advisors4Advisors

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Advisors4Advisors (A4A) is different from other websites for advisors because my idea of practice management is showing you how to do stuff.


What's different is that if you search A4A's article archive for touchscreen monitors, TVs, videos, passwords, operating systems, security, and other topics that come up in your business day-to-day dealings, you'll find answers targeted to financial advice professionals. A4A is all about "how to" articles about search egnine optimization, strong passwords, Windows 8.1, and Android.


For example, the day after Google released Helpouts earlier this week, you had an article about what it means to advisors. The day after Android released a new lock screen a few weeks ago, A4A had screen shots showing advisors how to set it up on their phones. And those two examples are just in the past few weeks! 


Please do not for a moment think I planned this. I am not half that clever. I just pursued my interests guided by the challeneges I face every day in running my own business of hosting  advisor websites or advisory firms and providing them newsletters and brochures.


When you do the right thing, good stuff happens. I'm blessed to be able to run my life that way and earn a good living at it, and I strongly recommend you act that way, too. It's always worked well for me.


Point is, A4A provides a searchable knowledge base focused on practical practice management tips for financial advice professionals about computers, search engine optimization, organizing your bookmarks, and using the latest technology. The information in A4A's knowledge is framed by the perspective of CFPs, CFAs, CPAs, CIMCs, CIMAs, ChFCs, CLUs, and CPWAs--financial advisors who, in a significant demonstration of good intent, pursued a professoinal certification and education program. You are my peeps. 


When you search A4A, you'll get answers to stuff that comes up day to day. To use the search feature, costs $60 a year, which also gives you free unlimited continuing education credit on A4A's live weekly webinars or 24/7 replays of the sessions


Thanks for your enabling me to do this. It's a blast!


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