Advisors4Advisors Redesigns Website And Daily Digest, And Adds More Content For Financial Advisors Hot

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• After 18 months of trying to avoid banner ads on A4A, I’ve thrown in the towel. I was trying to get sponsors to speak to advisors through blogs posts and other content but it’s too much work for most sponsors. We’re allowing banner ads—but no blinking, flying, or otherwise annoying graphics that distract.


• Market & Economy, Industry, and Technology news for advisors is still aggregated daily, but now we are summarizing and analyzing that news. Instead of linking to one article about a Market, Industry, or Tech story, we’re usually providing two or three links and offering a brief new analysis of every story.


• Steve Higgins, the former business editor at The New Haven Register, who’s worked I’ve worked with for about three years, is now aggregating Market & Economy News.

• Scott Martin, who I’ve work with about 12 years, is now aggregating Industry News.


• Mary Rowland and Bob Casey, two great financial journalists, are burned out on aggregating the daily advisor news but I’m going to try to figure out a way to keep them involved as we grow because they are valuable resources to advisors and wonderful people.


• The Daily Digest and home page have been redesigned.


• We’ve added “channels,” such as Advice, Marketing, Managing, and Compliance and we have multiple bloggers posting in each channel.


• A new investment blog started featuring contributions from some of the nation’s smartest advisors about their investment outlook and strategies.


• Anyone can access some of content but not all of the content on A4A. You’ll still need to pay to access advisors reviewing their apps and continuing education credit webinars.



Please tell your friends about A4A and let us know what you think of the changes.


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