For Independent Advisors, A Major Trend In Marketing Is Coming Your Way And It Is Called Likeonomics Hot

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A recent post on Mashable quotes Ogilvy’s SVP of Global Strategy & Marketing, Rohit Bhargava, about a “believability crisis.” 


“We believe in people and companies that we like,” said Bhargava.


Bhargava says that consumers are going to be increasingly influenced by something he calls Likeonomics.


Bhargava's brief slide presentation at Mashable's conference is embedded below.


I believe he's right and that the trend can be a big boost to independent financial advisors. 


With consumers being bombarded with information, big brands have lost their power. People don't believe big companies just because they're big and can afford to bombard them.


Because independent advisory firms are small businesses, because independent advisors are generally honest, ethical, and educated professionals who genuiinely care about their clients, they have a huge advantage in the new marketing realities Bhargava is talking about.  


Independent advisors who use the Web to communicate honesty, integrity, and compentence have as much power as big brands.  


You don't need a multimillion dollar marketing budget to make a TV commecial anymore. You can create your own video and post it on YouTube. 


If you can create a message that communicates honestly and get it viewed by potential clients, you can have great success. 


For more ideas about how you can capitalize on this trend. see a recent post on my Advisor Products blog.





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