BlackBerry Posts Strong Earnings, But Will Advisors Stick With RIM?

RIM received some great coverage yesterday after it reported a net profit of $911.1 million, or $1.74 per share, on revenue of $5.49 billion for the quarter ended November 27. Wall Street had been expecting earnings of $1.64 per share on revenue of $5.4 billion.

Despite the good news from the smartphone-maker, I think a lot of advisors have given up on BlackBerry or are going to be giving up on it.

BlackBerry does have a new operating system called QNX. It is supposed to make BlackBerry devices a lot more like the iPhone. But RIM isn't saying when it will rollout th first phones on the QNX OS, and it may be taking too long.

RIM does say that the QNX OS will be used in its new tablet, the Playbook, but yesterday was reported to have said that it will not ship until March.

New data from ITG Research show that BlackBerry devices plunged from 90 percent of sales at Verizon, the nation's largest carrier, in October 2009, to just under 20 percent last month.

"Research In Motion's BlackBerry smartphones are starting to look like Droid food as devices made by Motorola and HTC running Google 's Android operating system gobble up an increasing share of Verizon Wireless customers," says CIO Today in a post yesterday.    

I'm wondering where financial advisors are going to come out on this. Are you still in love with your BlackBerry? Or have you moved on?  FAs are usually slow to change apps, but I think there is enough confidence in Android and iPhone to move to those. Post a comment to let us know.

Would also be good to hear from any of you who have switched off of the BlackBerry about whether you're happy. While the iPhone is amazing, I wnder how it works for Windows users. Same with Android. Can you still synch your Outlook Calendar easily? 

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