If You Text With An Android Smartphone All Day, Here's A Productivity Tip Hot

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Instead of texting from my Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, I’ve been using MightyText. I highly recommend MightyText.
I use MightyText as a web app in Internet Explorer. When a text is sent to me, my phone chimes, alerting me to look at MightyText on my PC. Names of those I’ve conversed with are displayed chronologically, as is shown in the screen shot above.
You can run MightyText as a FireFox add-on on PC or Apple. An extension for Google’s Chrome browser is also available, as are integrations for Safari and Opera browsers. I use MightyText in Internet Explorer because IE does need an add-on or extension. IE runs the MightyText Web app, which is easy and fun. FireFox is my main browser for navigating the Web, and I use IE primarily only for Mighty-text. Point is, it works well no matter what browser you use for the Web. .

Text Archiving For RIAs
After using Might Text for six months, I broke down and bought the premium version for $40 a year. This version gives you the option to store texts forever. That's big. For an RIA, that's really good. Email and text archives must be easily accessible, in case of a regulatory inspection. MightyText, I believe, would allow an RIA to comply with SEC rules on retention of client communication. I'll be interested in hearing what compliance consultants (and the SEC) say about using a simple app like MightyText to archive your texts. While the SEC books and records rules require RIAs to have a copy of texts locally, the rules do not say whether you can archive them once a quarter to meet the requirement. However, common sense tells me that this would be fine with an inspector, as long as everything else in your firm is buttoned up and kosher. In other words, my guess is that RIAs can comply with books and records rules using MightyText to retain texts with clients, as long as you have a policy to download your MightyText archive locally once a month or once a quarter. (And you're only paying me $60 a year!)

Even before seeing MightyTexts's archiving feature, I knew MightyText was cool. A few months ago, in MightyText, an animated GIF popped up in the lower right corner of MightyText, a guy in a red-suit dancing the Twist. When I clicked on that, it took me to a library of animated GIFs I could attach to a text. Funny dogs, men walking a flag pole and other funny pics. The free version gives you a small selection of animated GIFs and the paid version gives you more. This is not why you buy MightyText but I use it once every couple of weeks.


Mighty Text is adding practical features. You can text directly from Gmail now. Plus, MightyText automatically stores in its cloud a copy of all pictures and videos you shoot from your smartphone.     
Try the free version and let me know what you think.


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