Apple's iPhone Domination Is Done With; Advisors Have Better Choices In Phones Now Hot

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My son, a 19-year-old student, who has very strong opinions on technology, isn't even thinking of another iPhone. The iPhone 6 is not expected for months and is expected to offer only an incremental upgrade of specifications and nothing revolutionary or magical like version of the iPhone.


With his contract up on Verizon,  my son consideried the Samsung S4 but concluded that its plastic case just doesn't feels good in his hand.


The HTC One has a metal case and comes to Verizon his summer.


Personally, I'm waiting for the Lumia 928 to come to Verizon. That's a Windows Phone. For the first time ever, my phone, tablet and desktop will be on one operating system, which should simplfy how I reate, store, publish and consumer information.




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