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I found Zite in the Mac App Store and downloaded it to my iPad. Zite for the iPad presents content elegantly and simply. If you want to be able to open your mobile device and in an instant view content you find fascinating, Zite is a great solution. For advisors or anyone seeking specialized knowledge, it’s a great app.
Many apps personalize news based on your interests. On Android, for example, Google Currents and Pulse let you choose topics and then stream content to you throughout the day based on your choices. They're not  as good at content personalization as Zite. In fact, they seem crude next to Zite’s Mac version.
Zite lets you fine-tune topics. Once you select your topics of interest, you can ask for more content about   a particular subject, written by a particular writer, or originating from a particular website.
Zite recently launched a version for Android. While Zite for the Android is better at personalizing content than any other Android app I’ve found, it’s not nearly as elegant as the Mac version on my iPad.
If you own an iPad, search the App Store for Zite. Likewise if you own an Android.
Please let me know what you think of Zite after giving it a try, or leave a comment if you have a content personalization app that you would like to recommend.


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