Ustream 2.0 For iPhone Lets You Broadcast And View Live Video, All In One App Hot

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"Taking advantage of iPhone 4′s front facing camera, the Ustream 2.0 app allows you to easily log in to your Ustream account and live broadcast or record video with one click, letting you share your broadcast on Twitter and Facebook as well as launch chat or take a viewer yes/no poll," says TechCrunch.


Ustream has some real advantages over YouTube, with the main ones stemming from the fact that it offers a paid version that is meant for use by small businesses.


In the next year or two, more and more advisors will be moving to create videos. It's easier than writing for most advisors and it's easier to consume financial information that is essentially a TV show.


Sure, compliance hurdles will need to be surmounted. But just as advisors were able to post written content on the Web by getting articles pre-reviewed by their compliance department, compliance apps for streamlining video content will be released.


They can use voice-to-text transcription technology to filter videos made by advisors for "dangerous" terms  like "guarantee," "no-risk" or "limited partnership," which will enable automated filtering of large amount of content.


The Ustream announcement means that not only will you be able to create video content in your office, but also on  the road using your smartphone. So if you're at an industry conference or a meeting with a money manager, you can pull out your camera and interview her about the market and post that to your website.  


Companies like Ustream are are the forefront and I'll be paying close attention.





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