An iPad Case (And Keyboard) That You Have Got to Love Hot

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It's a Logitech Keyboard Case by Zagg for iPad2



The keyboard sits in lightweight aluminum tray, and you place your iPad face down on top of the keyboard to use the tray as a case for your iPad2.


The back if your iPad serves as the back of the case, while the bottom of the tray serves as the outside cover.


When you want to use your iPad, simply stand it up and type on the keyboard, which is connected electronically to the iPad via Bluetooth.


I actually bought the keyboard/case for my daughter. But I get to use it once in a while.


Several of my daughter's friends have now asked her where she bought it because it is so cool and useful.


The keyboard/case is reasonably priced at $99. But where they get you is in the Invisble Shield coating and that costs $34.99. You apply the plastic coating to the back f the tray to protect it from scratches. So it winds up costing $140. But it is well worth it. Being able to pack the iPad up in the case and pull it out and use it with a keyboard is really convenient.


Incidentally, you'll still want to protect the iPad with a separate Invisible Shield kit to cover the front and back of the iPad and that costs $39.99.


Now I did not discover this piece of gadgetry genius. A4A reader vguettlein posted about it.


This shows me how helpful A4A can be when advisors share their experiences. I love it! 

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