Research Roundup: What To Expect From The Consumer Electronics Show


"Expect the 'appification' of everything," says Read Write Web. "Over 2010, we've seen apps virtually take over, with Google unveiling an app store, Apple announcing a Mac app store, and even Microsoft getting in on the fun with an Internet Explorer 9 beta that gets out of the way and virtually appifies the Web."


"Prepare yourself for a deluge of new tablet PCs at CES 2011 as the industry preps to do battle against Apple's iPad in the year ahead," says PC World in a preview of Tablets, 4G Phones, and 3D TVs in a brief video.


Big news is expected from Vizio, the TV maker. It is realeasing a new phone and tablet as well as VIA Plus, which will let you start watching a movie or TV show in your TV and then switch to your Vizio tablet or phone. "Think the video transporting features of Apple’s AirPlay but instead of iOS devices, this service will hit Vizio products including the just-announced Android VIA Tablet and VIA Phone," explains CrunchGear.



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