My Computer Gets A 4 1/2 Star Rating From PCWorld And Deserves It

The review by PC World is of the Sony VAIO Z-Series VPCZ137GX. The one I bought recently is actually the VPCZ1390X, which is a little bit faster and has the Intel i7 640m processor (2.80GHz). It also comes wih 8 GB of RAM instead of 4 GB on the model reviewed by PC World.

PC World complains that the computer is expensive, and I guess it is outrageously expensive. But to me it is worth every penny.

I spend so much time on my computer every day and need a machine that's great. This computer is fast not just because it has the latest processor from Intel but also it has a solid state hard drive. That make a huge difference. It boots in about a minute.

The other great little feature on this machine is the lighted keyboard. Macs have offered this for years but I don't know of other PCs that offer it.

And, as the review points out, this machine has the power of a desktop computer but is tiny, weighing about four pounds with the long-life battery, which lasts about 10 hours if used with the screen set to dim.

While this computer costs more than just about all other laptops, having a machine that is screaming fast and ultraportable makes it worthwhile.

I am totally spoiled and could not settle for anything less.





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