The New Surface Is Coming Out October 22, Should You Get One? Hot

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Since the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 are not out yet all we have to go by is the original line of Surface tablets.  We currently have Surface RT tablets in our office and have been quite happy with their performance.


The Surface allows us the convenience of an “on-the-go” tablet while giving us some of the functionality of a computer.  In our eyes the Surface is lightweight, easily portable and runs the web-based applications we use daily, making this the perfect tablet for us.


The question now is, should you get the Microsoft Surface or the Surface Pro?  The screen, connectivity option, size and weight are pretty much the same in both tablets.  As far as hardware goes, the Surface Pro has a better processing unit, which makes the tablet run faster.  The Surface Pro also has better rear and front facing cameras.  Both newer models of the tablets, the Surface Pro 2 and the Surface 2, come with the full Microsoft Office suite.  In the older models the Surface RT only comes with a trial addition of Office, whereas the Surface Pro does come with the full suite.  One of the biggest differences is the Surface Pro allows you to download applications on your desktop and the Surface 2 does not.  The Surface 2 will be starting at $449 and the Surface Pro 2 will be starting at $899.


To decide which tablet will best fit your needs you should first figure out what you want the tablet to do.  If you are looking for the tablet to replace your laptop then you would probably want to go with the Surface Pro.  The Surface RT is a great tablet, but it is just that, a tablet.


For those of us who have applications still dependent on Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Surface line of tablets is a great option.  If your applications are not dependent on Internet Explorer you can also consider the iPad and Android tablets.

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