A Slight Diversion - trends in tweeting by Five Advisors

The most recent blog post highlighted the top five "tweeters" on AdvisorTweets.com for March. I thought it compelling how broad of a scope these advisors covered in topical areas and the fact that these folks, as Advisor Tweets noted, "they are tweeting to be followed and read". 

Being a social media user that has heavily integrated into platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I am impressed with the volume and quality of much of the posting these folks produced in a 31 day period. It takes a commitment and effort to line up content, analyze others content for value in retweeting - and then carve out the time for posting and managing responses.

Moreover, three of the five advisors also show significant sharing of other's data - a strong sign that they recognize the value in social media, and in particular Twitter, is not found just in their own voice.

A fascinating site and excellent observation point to hear what advisors are saying, sharing and debating.




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